How to Put Your Partner First When Your Kids and Work are Competing for Your Time!

In this 4 minute and 38 second video, Stacey teaches a game-changer tool for how to create the rock solid relationship you really want, and put your partner first… when you still have kids and work competing for all the minutes of your day!

This is a must watch!


  • Allison Jablonko

    Genius distinction and explanation!!! I am going to watch this every day before leaving for Papua New Guinea where I won’t be able to get online to share it. So I will tell people about it. Stacey, you are ever more beautiful and gripping in your presentation. And I love getting to know about Paul’s work – indeed, something that the two of you together have “intentionally” chosen that he will do. Great to “see” you again now almost a month after RBR.