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A birthday weekend to remember…

Stacey Martino

Holy Oh My Birthday!
Paul is truly the Master of creating magnificent surprise experiences!

First of all, since so many people have asked, I’ll start by just confirming that YES, the entire weekend was a surprise….every single minute from Friday at 5 pm, through Sunday at midnight, I had NO idea what was happening or about to happen, minute by minute.

That was all by design!

As it unfolded, I discovered that Saturday was all planned by Paul as my birthday celebration with us and the kids! The whole day was family fun!

Paul and the kids started by preparing a beautiful breakfast with all my favorites and the kids had made me beautiful giant cards!

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We had so much fun all day, including my very own birthday party at our favorite pottery painting place in town! It may sound silly but I truly LOVE to paint pottery! And although I have taken my kids to dozens of pottery painting birthday parties over the years, I never actually get to paint anything because I’m always watching and helping the kids. Well this time, Paul, Jake, Grace and I went for my very own party! Just the four of us, and we painted for two hours! It was so much fun and so perfect, I cried!

I’ll show you a picture of my creation when I get it back!!

We finished the night at one of our favorite restaurants and then home for special desserts that Paul had brought in…..some of my favorite sweet treats!!!!

Sunday, as I discovered, was all about celebrating my birthday, just Paul and me!!!

I had zero clue what we were doing or where we were going!

As we were leaving the house, Paul said, “let’s take my car….it’s the one at the end of the driveway.” I look out the door, and there is Muhamed, one of our drivers, at the end of the driveway waiting for us….


I yelled out “what did you do?!?!” Paul just smiled!

I got in the car and Muhamed started driving! Eventually I realized we were heading into NYC!!

The car stops and Paul says “we are here!” Where? I have no clue.
I get out of the car and look up, the sign on the building says “Blue Man Group”!

SOOOOO cool! I’ve NEVER seen Blue Man Group!!! What an awesome experience!!!! The show was wild and very interesting! They were hysterically funny! Who knew they were so funny!?!?

After the show, Muhamed drove us to Greenwich Village and we enjoyed a stop at a French Café and a beautiful walk on a gorgeous day.




Then Paul says, it’s time for our dinner reservations. Muhamed picks us up again and takes us to our destination.
We get out of the car and I really had no idea where we were….then I saw the sign…..


My absolute favorite restaurant in Philly Budakan….there is a Budakan in NYC and we have never been to it!!!

We walk in, and this restaurant is absolutely magnificent……majestic really!!!!

aftermajestic1 aftermajestic5 aftermajestic2 aftermajestic4 aftermajestic3

We had an incredible dinner in the most beautiful setting…it was the perfect evening!!!!!!

An entire weekend of surprise and delight created for me entirely by my man who worked for weeks to create every minute of my experience for me!

I am so beyond grateful for my husband Paul, the most important man in the world to me! There are really no words to describe how much I adore, cherish, admire, crave and love this man…..words really aren’t enough!

Paul Martino… are the greatest man who has ever walked this earth and I’m so honored and lucky to be your wife!

Sending love,