Another Big Blowout

The first time Katie attended our three-day Relationship Breakthrough Retreat®, it resonated deeply and she got a lot out of it.

But there was just one problem.

Katie didn’t take action on anything she learned!

So big surprise, her relationship with her boyfriend limped along with the same communication issues Katie had always had in her relationships. 

It left her putting out fires left and right, as things just kept deteriorating, until, a year later, Katie and her boyfriend had a HUGE blowout.

A month later, Katie attended her second Relationship Breakthrough Retreat®, and this time it was a whole different experience for her, because this time, she was at the point of no return.

She was committed to making it happen…No Matter What.

Katie took action on what she learned, and even stepped up her results by enrolling in RelationshipU®.

Because of her commitment to learning new tools and actually using them, her relationship with her boyfriend improved exponentially. She felt closer to him than she had in the whole previous five years they’d been together.

And those communication issues? A million times better than they were before Katie got serious about Relationship Development® (which her boyfriend wasn’t even participating in with her).

Best of all, the tools Katie’s learning in all her Relationship Development training are tools she can take with her and use for the rest of her life.

They work great in intimate relationships, but they also work with your kids, with your co-workers, with your employees, with your boss, with your kids’ teachers — you name it — because no matter the relationship, you’re dealing with people.

In fact, Katie’s business has transformed ever since she started applying Relationship Development tools when interacting with her staff and her clients!

A few months into RelationshipU, Katie had an unusual and unexpected realization… she realized her issue was never a communication issue at all.

It was just a skill set issue.

Her and her boyfriend did NOT have a problem with communicating! And their challenges would not have been fixed by swapping out one partner for a new one. They were lacking the skill set to take any long term relationship to the level of Unshakeable Love!

And as Katie started getting this skill set, and using it, she realized two things….

  1. Skill sets can be learned by anyone who’s open to learning them.
  2. When she started implementing these skills with her boyfriend, he started responding differently to her and everything shifted. 

See, Katie’s boyfriend did NOT need to also learn these skill sets in order to change. He just naturally shifted in response to her change. 

How about YOU?

What do you think is the challenge in your relationship(s) right now?

Is it a communication issue, like Katie’s, or something else?

You are just a skill set away from that challenge not being a problem for you anymore. 

Ready to take action?

Sending love,

Stacey & Paul 

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