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Author: Stacey Martino

[Video] Paul speaks to the MEN…

At the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat™ LIVE event last year….Paul took a moment to speak JUST to the MEN about relationship work and a special HURDLE that they have that women [...]
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[Video] I can’t even talk to you…

Paul and I just wrapped up a 3-day LIFE CHANGING live event for our RelationshipU Students!!!! These RU students had powerful breakthroughs in creating collaboration and alignment in their relationships!!! [...]
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[Video] Solving Your Sex Problem…

Is THIS your sex problem?? So many people come to me because they are not having enough sex. Or they are not having GREAT sex. Or they lost the electricity, [...]
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[video] our big FIGHT over driving

I have another video for you today! This one is from PAUL about our FIGHT over DRIVING – Paul and I have had this FIGHT over his driving a BAZILLION [...]
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[New Video] want more sex? Better sex?

In today’s blog, I’m sharing a quick video about SEX! People often say they want MORE sex. Or better sex. And they think it’s a SEX problem and needs a [...]
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Are you FUN or a Fuddy-duddy?

Fun, playfulness, romance and flirting… it’s one of the first things to fly out the window when we have the house, the kids, the work and all the other stuff we have to manage! [...]
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