Battling The Sabertooth Tiger

“Wahoo, I can’t wait to get married! I’ll pick out my tuxedo now!”

Not something we hear boys say, is it?

Many little girls, on the other hand, start dreaming of their weddings at a very young age.

Isn’t that interesting?

Masculine energy and feminine energy (which is often, though not across the board, men and women, respectively) operate very differently, even when we’re kids.

Now, does that mean one of those energies is better than the other?

No!! They’re totally equal! They’re just different.

What trips us up is refusing to accept they’re different (which, by the way, is like refusing to accept that the sun and the moon are different).

Doing that leads straight to kerfuffles.

Accepting, embracing, and working with those differences, on the other hand, is not only empowering, it sets you free.

You understand exactly what you’re dealing with, which saves loads of banging your head against the wall trying to “get through” to someone who’s never going to operate the way you think they should.

One of the fundamental differences between masculine energy and feminine energy is how masculine energy views marriage.

For an enormous chunk of human history, a man’s survival depended on his ability to be autonomous and independent. 

In other words, it required freedom–the freedom to take action, without running that action by a partner (or anyone else).

“Dear, is it okay if I try and kill the sabertooth tiger charging me?”

Ridiculous, right?

And that survival mechanism for freedom and autonomy didn’t disappear just because today’s world is so different from how things were when that mechanism developed. It’s still thoroughly ingrained in masculine men.

So what does all that mean for how most men view marriage?

It means a masculine man doesn’t take lightly the decision to marry. Whether or not he’s consciously aware of it, he sees it as possibly sacrificing his freedom and autonomy–two things his very survival depend on. 

For that reason, masculine men are very careful who they hitch themselves to.

If you’re a woman reading this, you may be thinking, “That must mean he doesn’t want me enough to marry me,” or “That means he’s not committed,” or “I’m not good enough.”

It doesn’t mean any of that! 

You don’t WANT him to take this decision lightly, because if he does, he won’t come into your marriage with the commitment your marriage needs to survive.

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