(video) behind the “curtain”

I shot this quick video for you on Sunday when we arrived at the presidential suite at the Hyatt where we hosted our Relationship Breakthrough Retreat live event this week!!!

In this video I share with you the two most common predicaments that keep you from creating the magnificent things you want to create in the world!!

We can’t wait to share more with you about our big event this week!!!! More details soon!!


Sending love,



4 thoughts on “(video) behind the “curtain”

  1. Wow Stacey! Once again you hit the nail on the head. A team is a must. Asking for help is crucial to success. I learned this first hand this week when I hired my own team to work with me & my health coaching business. It’s mind blowing what we’ve accomplished this week! I’m so proud of you and your success this week with your retreat! I heard it was incredible. Xo! Great job lovely & a big rock on to the love & passion a team!

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