But My Partner Is…

Paul and I attend a lot of marketing events, and I swear, at almost every one we hear an entrepreneur complain about their non-entrepreneur spouse.

“It takes a certain mindset to be an entrepreneur, and she doesn’t have it and doesn’t get it. I think I need to cut her loose,” they’ll say.

Their fellow entrepreneurs will chime in like echo chambers, saying, “Yeah, good for you! We get it!”

And in our QuickStart Program, one of our Relationship Transformers posted that it triggers him when he sees his wife watching Netflix or some crap reality TV show, instead of personal development training, which is HIS thing.

Look, if the fact your partner is different from you seems frustrating, I get it. 

Paul and I are total opposites in every way you can imagine.

I’m full of big ideas and spontaneity, and Paul needs to think things through and form a plan.

I could easily choose to see him as a buzzkill with no vision. 

Instead, I see him as the string to my balloon. 

When we’re connected, I still get to soar, yet he keeps me from sailing into the stratosphere and getting lost forever. And because I’m always flying so high, I lift him up with me.

For you, maybe it’s that you’re into healthy eating, and your partner gorges on junk.

Maybe you take a calmer, more encouraging approach to your kids, while your partner’s the drill sergeant disciplinarian.

Maybe you’re a saver, and your partner’s a spender.

Whatever the differences are between you and your partner, here’s what I want to offer you:

Your partner’s differences are a gift to you. 

Seriously, do you really think it’d be all that great to clone yourself and be with you, and only you, for the rest of your life? Wouldn’t that get a little dull?

If you and your partner are butting heads over your differences, it’s because you haven’t learned the collaboration skills you need to co-exist and co-create, while still enjoying your own journeys in the way each of you wants to.

In episode 7 of The Relationship Transformer Podcast, Paul and I are going to blow apart the myth that your partner’s differences are destined to strain your relationship and end in divorce.

We’ll also dive into some tools to help you understand why their differences trigger you; plus share some crucial parenting tips for when you and your partner have different parenting styles.

Click here to listen to episode 7 of the The Relationship Transformer Podcast.

The truth is, no two people on this planet are exactly alike…which means if you can’t learn to create a fulfilling relationship with people who are different from you, you’re in for a lonely existence.

But it doesn’t have to, or need to, be like that! You’ll see what I mean in episode 7. Here’s the link to listen (or find it on your favorite podcast software): 

Sending love,

Stacey & Paul 

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