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It’s Not About the Nail!

Hysterical!! Paul showed me this video a few nights ago and I laughed hysterically…just like you just did!  This video has gone viral since. WHY? Why do SO many MEN [...]
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It does NOT take TWO to Tango!

“One person CAN transform a relationship! It does NOT take two!” – Stacey Martino I know it may sound crazy to you! And 18 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed [...]
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Buckle Up Buttercup….Part Three

Putting Your Lover First…THE HOW This is the third and final article in our three part series on Putting Your Partner First. (Click here to read part ONE and Click [...]
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Buckle Up Buttercup! It’s ON!

There’s a deal breaker in creating an unshakable love and an unleashed passion that is quite controversial, but I think you know by now…that’s not gonna stop me. So buckle [...]
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2 Millimeters

“When it seems impossible, when it seems like nothing is going to work, you’re usually just 2 millimeters away from making it happen.” – Tony Robbins We all know what that moment [...]
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