Caught in A Shortage Of Fun?

My good friend Jenny is a sucker for Hallmark Christmas movies…

You know the ones – they’re on all the time from October through December… and sometimes the whole month of July as well.

And while I definitely have opinions about movies that model unhealthy relationship patterns…

I can also kinda see why she likes them so much.

Because at some point in that movie, we’re gonna see that couple out in the snow or on the ice rink or shopping for Christmas presents…

And they’ll be having the kind of uninhibited, childlike FUN we haven’t had in ages.

Am I right??

One of the things that’s so sad for me to see is an individual who has lost ALL sense of fun in their relationships…

So I need to say something here that’s gonna sound totally counterintuitive:

We all need to be taking our fun much more seriously.

I mean it! Your love relationship depends on that – in fact, all of our relationships do!

In your love relationship, fun is the first thing to go out the window, as the responsibilities start to crop up and take over our lives.

But it turns out that individuals who are still having fun – being playful, flirting, and dating – can navigate a lot of the tough shit that happens in relationships that other people just can’t get through.

When you’re able to have fun and play with your partner, it strengthens the foundation of your relationship and empowers you to get through so much more crap that takes down a relationship that’s stuck in a tight place.

And that’s also true in your parenting, and in your business… people want to be around people who are having fun.

Because guess what?

There’s a FUN SHORTAGE going on!

But I have GREAT news for you…

You CAN have fun and create massive results! I do it every day, and you can do it to.

Here’s how:

Compartmentalize your fun.

I know, I know… it sounds weird, right?

But there’s a strategic approach to everything – and why not fun?

So yes, I want you to SCHEDULE your fun!

Pick 10 minutes where you can focus on fun, and bring a “fun” energy to whatever you’re doing… whether that’s playing with your kids, watering the house plants, or whatever else you’re doing, I want you to MAXIMIZE the fun.

Keep that energy going for 10 minutes and MASTER that. Do it today, and tomorrow, and the next day…

When you’ve mastered that 10 minutes, expand it to 20 minutes, and keep using that compartmentalized, strategic approach to focus on turning up the volume on bringing fun into your world.

My wish for you is that you see the magnetic and magic results of raising your vibration and energy and having fun!

I promise, the results will be HUGE *and* you’ll have a ton of fun doing it.

I want to know what you’re going to do FIRST to turn up the fun in your life! Hit COMMENT and let me know!

Never stop having fun,


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