Damn, I Should Know Better

“When you know better, you do better!”

Hate to break it to you, but that statement is simply not true.

The world is full of people doing things they know they “shouldn’t” be doing…things that are sabotaging them or getting them in trouble.

Or, they’ve tried improving themselves, maybe with personal development, exercising more or eating more healthfully…yet they keep screwing it up.

“Damn, I should know better. I’ve studied this, I’ve read loads of stuff, I’ve tried to implement it, so why am I still not doing it right? I should be doing better than this, yet I still can’t get my act together. What’s wrong with me?”

There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re doing what millions of other people around the world do, and it’s simply this…

You’re mistaking learning something for living something.

Just knowing a bunch of information will not change your life.

If you truly want everything you’re learning to become your new normal, you’ve got to start having experiences.

Years ago, Paul and I finally figured this out. 

It’s why we now make a point to attend multiple live events every year–not just to learn, but to get that experience.

It’s also why we began hosting our annual Relationship Breakthrough Retreat®, to give people new to Relationship Development® and our devoted Relationship Transformers™ a place to immerse themselves and get that crucial in-person experience.

Listen, I’m not knocking learning. Learning’s great. Learning can bring awareness to things you realize you want to work on.

But if you’re like most people, you read a book, you get a lot out of it, then you put it on a bookshelf and don’t touch it again.

And over the next couple of weeks, everything you read fades away. Maybe you even move on to another book.

Either way, your life doesn’t change. You start getting in your own way again. What you “learned” has had no meaningful impact on your life.

In this Relationship Transformers Podcast, Paul and I dive into why live events, and the experience you get by attending them, are crucial if you’re serious about transforming your relationship.

If you’ve done a lot of learning, but you’re still not making the kind of progress you want, this podcast will shine a light on exactly why.

Here’s the link to check it out: 

Sending love,

Stacey & Paul