Dating Disasters

Is it supposed to be this hard? Joyce wondered, climbing behind the wheel of her car after her latest disastrous date.

This wasn’t Joyce’s first rodeo. She’d been married, and then divorced, and had been on the dating scene for a couple of years now. 

She knew a lot about relationships (she thought).

So why were the men she kept choosing to date such terrible choices for her?

There was nothing wrong with the men themselves. They weren’t “bad men.”

They were simply not what Joyce was looking for in a partner. Not even close!

Joyce had, about a year ago, attended our Relationship Breakthrough Retreat. She learned a lot, but she also fell victim to a very dangerous mentality:

The “I got this” mindset.

Joyce came to the retreat, decided she’d learned everything she needed to know to succeed at relationships, and raced back into the dating scene…

…only to repeat the same exact mistakes over and over again.

It took some time, but Joyce finally faced up to the fact she didn’t “got this.”

Tired of “dabbling” and getting nowhere, Joyce decided to enroll in RelationshipU and finally solve this!

And that’s when Joyce finally connected the dots on why her attempts at dating were such disasters.

She wasn’t finding the right men because: A) She wasn’t clear on who she was and what her values were, B) She wasn’t clear on what she wanted in her partner and in their relationship. And C) She had been showing up in her masculine for so many years, she wasn’t attracting the masculine man she wanted, she was only connecting with the wrong kind of man for her. 

No wonder she kept picking the wrong men! How can you find what you’re looking for if you don’t actually know what you’re looking for?

Thanks to her work in RelationshipU, Joyce is clear on both who she is, and what she wants in a relationship! She has also finally broken FREE of her masculine mask and embodies her most powerful feminine authentic energy! Dating has completely transformed for Joyce. 

She no longer spirals into disappointment after a date with that wrong man or a relationship gone bad. She enjoys every date she has. She is so confident in knowing who is a great partner for her, that she feels at peace and happy. 

And living each day from her authentic feminine energy has transformed ALL of her relationships, even at work, for the better!

Joyce is taking steps on her Yellow Brick Road towards creating her Unshakeable Love and Unleashed Passion.

Are you clear on who you are and what you want in a relationship? Are you showing up in your authentic core energy so you can actually attract and keep the partner you really want?

Or, like Joyce was, are you “winging it” and hoping that you will just “MEET” the right person?

I’ve helped a few thousand people, and I can tell you one thing for sure – it’s NOT about meeting the right person, it’s about BECOMING the right person!!

When you are ready to begin, we are here to serve you!

Sending love,


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