Divorce Papers in December

It was THIS close to being over between Wayne and MaryBeth. She’d even served him divorce papers (in December no less. What a way to spend the holidays!).

But what else could she do?

Their communication was broken. Neither could relate to, or even understand, the other person and where they were coming from.

And forgiveness for all the years of pent-up pain and anger?

MUCH easier said than done.

But as it turns out, Wayne and MaryBeth weren’t quite ready to call it quits.

So they tabled their divorce, and in one last Hail Mary to try and salvage their marriage, they signed up for our annual Relationship Breakthrough Retreat (RBR).

Wayne was pretty reluctant. Events “like this” were NOT his thing…or so he thought.

And MaryBeth feared their relationship was, in her words, “too far gone for even Stacey & Paul to save it.”

In just three action-packed days, Wayne and MaryBeth finally learned the tools missing from their relationship–tools they needed to finally understand each other, relate better, communicate effectively, and especially, learn to forgive.

“We’re the perfect people to be here,” MaryBeth said after the Retreat.

“This event was life-changing, and it literally saved us. It saved me, and it saved our relationship. I learned so much, and I feel so good,” Wayne happily admitted.

What I love about MaryBeth, is that she was going to come to RBR whether or not Wayne ended up wanting to go! She was committed. 

And, as I told Wayne, I honor him for coming to RBR and discovering that this is NOT a “feminine topic” this is a HUMAN topic and real men deserve real solutions!

Too many times, I see the EXACT opposite. 

Someone decides they want to come to our event or join our program …but then they go to their PARTNER and ASK THEM if they want to come or join TOO. 

When their partner says “Nah, I don’t wanna”… then they GIVE UP! They feel like if they do something that their partner isn’t willing to do, then they have already LOST. So they give up.

The truth is … the only time that you DO actually LOSE in relationship, is when YOU give up! When YOU don’t come to the event or start the program… that’s when you lose. 

STOP shackling your own happiness, the fate of your marriage and your family’s future to your partner’s willingness to participate in Relationship Development!!

Take your power back! 

Take action! Create the change you want!

We can show you how. 

Sending love,

Stacey and Paul

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