Ever Had Fights About This?

“Well, we fell in love, so we’re just going to see parenting the same way, RIGHT?”

“Well, we love each other, so we’re just going to see MONEY the same way, RIGHT?”

HAHA! I know, I can hear you laughing!

But don’t we just start out kinda ASS-UMING that?

That is, until we hear something that flies out of our partner’s mouth and we think, “OMG! Don’t talk to the kid like that, you’ll scar her for life!”

Sound familiar?

Yeah, it’s super common. 

Paul and I call this the Accidental Alignment Predicament™.

Where we never really map out HOW we are going to DO things as a team, we just kinda START and then we’re stunned when our partner doesn’t see it the same way we do (right)?

It doesn’t surprise me at all that most people don’t have the tools to navigate, much less avoid, Accidental Alignment Predicament™, because up until the last couple of decades, we didn’t think we needed them.

I mean, 50 years ago, did a man need to ask his wife what to do about his job, and about how to spend their money?

And back then, did a wife need to ask her husband for alignment on how to parent their children?

No way, right? It was all demand relationship (one person was the DECIDER).

Even though demand relationship no longer works today, it’s still all most people know how to do.

But that doesn’t make it the only way, and it sure as hell doesn’t make it the best way.

In this podcast, “Fights Every Couple Will Have,” Paul and I dive into how you can navigate and even avoid Accidental Alignment Predicament™.

The amount of heartache and frustration listening to this one podcast episode can save you cannot be measured, so make sure you listen as soon as you can. 

Here’s the link:

Sending love,