Everything Was Horrible

Depressed woman in bed while husband is sleeping not caring about her

“It’s all failing. It’s all falling apart”, my client, Jennifer thought to herself one evening, after her husband went downstairs to his bedroom in the basement.

You see, even though Jennifer was still living in the same house with her husband (for now), they were on separate floors

They used separate bathrooms. They slept in separate beds. They had separate TVs.

They had separate lives. (And not in a healthy way).

How was this a marriage?

Every moment at home was spent walking on eggshells in the hope of avoiding that one last knock-down, drag-out fight that’d bring it all crashing down.

Even worse, Jennifer’s failing marriage was bleeding into other areas of her life. Her business, her finances—everything—was, to use her word, HORRIBLE!!

As she felt the ground crumbling out from under her, Jennifer knew it was only a matter of time before everything exploded in her face.

Jennifer heard about our upcoming live event, The Relationship Breakthrough Retreat, and in her words, “It was either go to that or head to the lawyer’s office.” So, she came to the event. 

This was the moment that changed the trajectory of her life….

Not only did she save her marriage, but within 18 months, she went from “on the verge of divorce” to unshakeable.

And just like her crumbling marriage was destroying other parts of her life, like a vampire had latched on and was sucking away her lifeblood… transforming her marriage (and herself) created amazing transformations in those other areas of her life too.

In fact, her business experienced an unheard of 84% increase!! Can you freaking believe that?

She even went on to lose 60 freaking pounds!

Jennifer was on the fence about giving Relationship Development a try, but even with the ground crumbling out from under her, she took a leap of faith and saved her marriage, her business, her finances, and herself.

Just like a rocky relationship makes other parts of your life rocky, a strong, unshakeable relationship strengthens ALL facets of your life.

Have you noticed that in your life—that the strength (or lack thereof) of your relationship with your partner is rippling into other areas of your life?

Comment and let me know. Paul and I are here to support you!

Sending love,

Stacey & Paul

P.S. Maybe you feel like it’s too late to turn your marriage around? Maybe you feel like it’s too LATE for your partner? 

But what if you’re wrong?

What if, like Jennifer, it’s just that you need to get the real solutions that our students learn and apply them in your marriage?

What if… 18 months from now… YOUR life could be a complete 180 from where it is today?

What if… 18 DAYS from now… YOUR marriage, your happiness, your parenting…could be completely different than it is right now?

Start our program, get a ticket to the live event… take the ACTION!

No one else is going to do this for you. 

Jennifer thought it was hopeless for her. 

But something inside of her nudged her to just try this “one last thing”…

And it was the THING that changed everyTHING… 
What if it’s the same for you?

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