(video) Stacey says to Give Up Hope! Whaaaat?!

I just know that this is how people are going to talk about this video… so I might as well diffuse it by being the first one to say it!
Yes, I’m telling you about Giving Up HOPE today! And today’s video may surprise you!

Click below to watch today’s video.

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p.s. before you JUDGE…watch the video!

27 thoughts on “(video) Stacey says to Give Up Hope! Whaaaat?!

  1. Absolutely dead on. No one has ever hoped their way to a better relationship. Do the work and have courage!

  2. Hi Stacey!!
    I would like to contribute to your ideas/video!!
    Yes… classic for me!! The 3 neurological strategies or recipes that we "cook" in our bodies or make happen: Worry, hope, and certainty!

    What I learned in my studies of NLP/Tony, people like hope because it's the "middle ground" between worry and certainty. Worry and the related emotions to worry are TIGHT emotions in the body. But interestly enough… certainty is also a tight emotion. The difference is the MEANING.

    To explain hope with a metaphor is: "A man with ONE watch knows what time it is. But a man with TWO watches is never quite sure." Hope is when a person alternates between seeing it WORKING and NOT WORKING and cycles between those.

    But certainty is when you wear only ONE watch and you KNOW what time it is… you only see it WORKING!

    All this boils down to the management of PRESSURE in the body and mastering all the different pressures in the body. A person depressed releases all the pressure and tension in their body which gives them hope. A person with certainty puts positive PRESSURE all over their body (i.e: by putting their shoulders back, head up, doesn't wave back and forth, etc.).

    Thank you Stacey for this wonderful awesome fantastic video!!!!!!

    Sending <3 to you and you hubby!!!
    Jose Mateo

  3. Stacey,

    This is really on point as I just watched the secret and am reading a book about law of attraction and Christianity. I was wondering how you and Paul have squared the law of attraction with your religious beliefs. I’m still figuring out my feelings and beliefs on this topic, but feel like taken to its extreme can make people believe we’re all little gods and not account for his role in things. I also don’t think it’s inately bad or untrue, but I’m thinking it needs to be balanced with surrender to God and recognition of his plan. Deep stuff and difficult subject, way to go outside the box, Stacey. Sending Love to you and Paul.

    1. Oh Nicole….I could go on for 3 days on that subject and would LOVE to at some point! The short response is that the Laws of the Universe allow us to work WITH “all that is”/Source Energy/God and receive the divine guidance that is our gift to receive. Learning to LISTEN to the Divine Guidance (surrender to God/Source Energy/All that is) is our challenge as humans…and when we unlock our ability to listen, receive and follow our Divine Guidance, life feels magical and amazing. Sending love to you!!

  4. I get it: Hoping is putting negative energy into the universe because it leaves uncertainty and negative outcomes as a possibility. Expect and believe it WILL Happen then ask for it and it will…

  5. You are the best. Who would have guessed,since this is something we say everyday without understanding the consequences.

  6. So LUV this and you are spot on! I so believe in what you are saying in regard to hope, there is doubt in that scene. I would like to share with you last year during my cancer journey, I never said "I hope I'm cancer free or I Hope I'm cured". I visualized my own healing, I recited my mantras and acted as if it was a reality(I certainly did my combination of east/western medicine/surgeries). For me, doubt births fear and I truly believe what we put out to the universe is mirrored back to us. Love you energy sweetie, HUgs,
    Martha Tassinari

  7. What a powerful mindset distinction! How much better to stay in Confident Expectation. Thank you!
    As soon as you started I felt the dis-empowering nature of "I hope"…but had not recognized the doubt and uncertainty aspect. You are brilliant, Stacey. So grateful for your sharing.

  8. Wow you are so right. I've been Hoping my marrage will get better and haven't been Working to make it better. The result being that its fallen to peices around me.

  9. Awesome Theresa!!! So thrilled to serve you!!!! I already know that you are not "hoping" you are taking massive action!!! Now through this distinction, you can allow the universe to work with you even more!

  10. AMEN Martha!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story here! That is exactly the time to be confident, certain and in "belief"! And you did it baby!!!!!! So So So thrilled for you! You are an inspiration! And I know you take that same mindset with you into your big life! Love yoU!

  11. Oh Misti, I am so glad that this distinction has served you!!! Please connect with us so we can make it easier and faster for you to create big change in your marriage sweetness! We are here for you and ready to empower you to turn it around! If you feel pulled, email us at [email protected]. Sending big love to you for the next segment of your journey!!!

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