You are in a loving, committed relationship; you and your partner are still attracted to one another (in fact, you probably have a better sex-life than most couples you know!).

Unfortunately, healthy relationships have become so rare, that people probably tell you, all the time, that they envy your relationship or that they want a partner like YOURS!

Your primary focus needs to be getting tools and strategies to help you take your relationship from ‘good’ to the STRATOSPHERIC level, that you might not have realized was even POSBBILE before witnessing what Paul and I have!

You are in a committed relationship and you love your partner. You are still very much attracted to your partner. You are driven. You’re successful in many areas of your life. You might hold yourself to such a high standard, that others, who don’t understand your drive for excellence, often mistake you for a perfectionist!

You’re totally committed to personal development, and are always challenging yourself to learn and grow in your level of self-mastery! Now that you’ve seen what’s possible you absolutely want to take your relationship to the next level, but you are not sure how. You have a strong desire to create an even deeper love with your partner, and you want to ignite a burning passion beyond your wildest dreams.

If you are an entrepreneur, you recognize that despite your best efforts at juggling everything, there are times when your business occupies too much of your time, intention and attention!  On occasion the time and resources you must put into your business have become a point of contention in your relationship.

You want the best for both your relationship and your business. You would love for your partner to be happy, loving and passionate while you’re growing the business – which brings you much joy and fulfillment.  (Yet, you know, deep down, that in order to soar without limits in your business, your relationship must be going great…and in order for that to happen, you know you need to keep your partner #1.)

Since you’ve never met ANYONE who is winning big at BOTH love and business, you know you need strategies, tools and guidance from mentors who’ve succeeded in doing just that!!

If you are married to an entrepreneur, you’re certain your partner loves you, and you’re still very much attracted to them; yet if your honest, you’d have to admit that at times you’ve struggled with feeling like you come second to the business. You long to be encouraging and fully supportive of their business, yet at times that’s hard to do, because you feel like it takes priority over you.

You and your spouse both long for a playful, loving relationship where you’re completely united as a team; as well as, experiencing ravishing passion and deep intimacy!

In fact, when you hear us talking about how we physically CRAVE one another…and how if neither one of us is travelling…we don’t even WANT to do anything but have sex on a daily basis…

Your first thought is: “Um…Yes PLEASE!!! I’d like what THEY’RE having!!! Sign me up!”…

Then we know you’re the kind of action taker who, when given proven tools and strategies that work, absolutely does what it takes to create all the passion you desire! Your dream for your marriage is to create magnificence, be a role model to others, and keep taking it deeper and higher for the rest of your lives together!


You and your partner really love each other and are still very attracted to one another.

You’ve got a good relationship, but because you’re so committed to personal growth and self-mastery…you want to learn how to make things EVEN better!!! You continually strive for excellence and improvement. You’ve heard about what Paul and I share together, and your vision of what’s possible has been expanded!!!! You want more!

You would love to easily and effortlessly make your partner delight with joy and thrill in excitement, every single day, but you are not sure how to do that or where to start. (And lets be honest, you’re probably a bit of an over-achiever and have such a full-plate, you’re not sure if you have all of the extra time and energy you’re afraid this might take!)

You would love to enjoy a vibrant and passionate sex life with your partner, in which, you are both crazy for each other, can’t get enough of each other and have intimacy on a daily basis.

But right now if you’re being honest, there are so many things that pull on you and your partner’s time and attention…like the kids, the house and or business.

More often than you’d like, the demands zap your time and energy, so even though your sex life is good by most standards, it’s certainly not as frequent as you like, and definitely not as exciting as hanging from the chandelier!!! (Let’s face it, even if you were hanging up there, you’d probably notice that it needs to be cleaned, and then feel distracted by that too!).

The demands of entrepreneurship create challenges for you in prioritizing your relationship.  At times, you hold back or play smaller than you would like, because that’s what you feel like you have to do, so that you can keep your partner your priority, and they don’t feel like they are competing with your business for your attention.  You feel pulled in both directions, guilty one way or the other, and it seems that sometimes…you just can’t win.


What you need most right now is a solution that allows you and your partner to put each other FIRST so that each of you knows, without a doubt, that you are #1 in your each other’s world…bar none. (WITHOUT having to compromise, in order to achieve that, by playing small in business/work!!)

Seeing.  Since you can’t hit a target you can’t see…the first step you must take is to create a crystal clear, very specific vision of what your ultimate relationship looks like.  Relationships are not one-size-fits-all.  You must very clearly know what your outcome is and begin with the end in mind.

Shifting.  Once you have your vision, the next step is to create an opening for change.  A shift in perspective is the opening that allows you to implement the tools and strategies to come. One thing I know for sure, if you stay stuck in your current perspective, nothing can transform for you!  The moment you begin to see your relationship and your partner, from a different perspective can often be the moment of most profound transformation in an intimate relationship…even before you get to using the tools and strategies!

Strategies. After you experience a shift in your perspective, you need the “best of the best” highly specialized, strategic tools and strategies that really work to transform your relationship!  There are two categories of tools and strategies that you need to create an unshakable love and an unleashed passion with your partner.  The first category is focused on the strategies and tools for transforming yourself into the best partner you can be.  Breaking old patterns, shedding old baggage and up-leveling yourself to one of the greatest lovers that exist on the planet!

The second category is focused on the strategies and tools to use with your partner.

For men, these strategies help a you appreciate the zest, spice and ever changing nature of your woman, easily handle the swirl of femininity that you may otherwise be unprepared to manage and truly delight in the differences that she brings into your world.   As a result, you will appreciate the things that used to drive you crazy. Then it becomes effortless to be the calm in her storm and ultimately unleash her passion and appreciation for you!

For women, these strategies help you appreciate the way men think, feel and act. You will be able to clearly see all the gifts that your man provides for you by being exactly who he is.  This helps you engage with him in a way that brings out his best and most authentic self… so that you can delight in your unleashed hero, whose purpose in life is to serve and make you happy!

Synergy.  The next step is to truly align as a team.  This means that you and your partner are united and indivisible by anyone or anything.  This can be an area of struggle for many couples who have kids, parents, work and other family members who play a huge role in their life and impact their intimate relationship on a regular basis.

When you create a rock solid synergy with your spouse, you will feel supported, empowered, cherished and confident like never before!  It’s hard to explain the feeling of walking through your day knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that YOU are the #1 most important thing in your partner’s world!

Sparks.  While having things in common creates love, it’s the differences that create…PASSION!  At the very heart of the differences that create passion is polarity…the charge between the masculine and the feminine energies!  In today’s society, many people are disconnected from their masculine or feminine energy.  The next step you need is to reignite the spark of polarity by strengthening his masculine presence and cultivating her feminine radiance!  When you feel your re-alignment with the masculine or feminine energy that is deep within your core, you will feel ALIVE again… replenished, whole and at peace!  This begins the process of unleashing your passion for each other.

S-Flirt.  Haha…that is the perfect energy to bring to your relationship!  The next step is for you to purposefully, consistently, bring FUN, romance, flirting and playfulness into your relationship.  Although dating is one of the first things to go out the window when kids, business, the house and everything else takes over our lives, you must bring this back into your relationship to create a magnificent love affair!

With your busy life, you need the shortcuts to finding the time for you to date your spouse and the tricks to being fun, flirtatious and romantic… sometimes in as little as 20 seconds!  Rekindling this romantic, fun and playful side with your partner today will ensure that you not only have more passion with each other today, but 40 years from now. Just imagine, you will still be enjoying fun, passionate and playful intimacy together!

Sensuality.  Sex is not optional in a magnificent love affair.  The only difference between your best friend and your intimate partner is intimacy!  The next step is for you to create a ravishing and satisfying intimate experience with your partner.  Intimacy is not just about the mechanics of being a great lover.  The gateway to mind-blowing, ravishing intimacy with your partner is actually vulnerability!  What you need most is the ability to create the most loving, authentic, passionate, safe space to allow for maximum vulnerability in your relationship – this is what will unleash your passion with each other, in ways that you never dreamed before!

And then, and only then, will you delight in your unshakable love and unleashed passion…and it will last you for your lifetime together!

Your Next Steps

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