Happy Birthday to the greatest man who walks the planet today!


To Paul Martino, the greatest man on the planet… (a blog post for one)

My love. There really are no words to say what I need to say to you. The words haven’t been invented yet. This will never be enough….but it’s a beginning….

Paul, I so desperately love you, it’s crazy. There’s no other feeling as strong as my desperate love for you. Everything in my world begins and ends with you. You are my air. I need you endlessly. I truly am shameless in loving you. Whatever, whenever.

I’m in awe of you every day. You are the greatest man I have ever witnessed on the planet. No one even compares to you.

The depth of your service to me just has no description in the human language. Every need, want and desire I feel is beyond exceeded by you. Paul, you completely serve and care for me so much better than I can care for myself I didn’t know life could be like this.

Your honor, integrity, and personal responsibility create a new standard. I’ve never met any other human who walks with your presence. You inspire me and I aspire to be the woman who deserves you every day of my life.

Your playfulness, laughter, crazy-assness, humor and full-out-pee-in-your-pants hysterical funniness is one of the greatest gifts in my life! No one in the world makes me laugh as much as you! I hate to miss even one word of your jokes from laughing so hard…I wish you were on TiVo so I could rewind you!!!! The joy of life comes through you just for me.

Paul, you are the fiercest, strongest, most courageous and bravest man in the world. When I’m with you, I fear NOTHING! Until I met you, I didn’t know what no-fear felt like. All my sunshine, all my presence, all my freedom, all my peace and all my light comes through me because you protect me to the end of the world and I fear nothing with you.

Your desire for me runs through me like electricity! My energy, passion and excitement are charged up 1000 fold from the energy that you put into craving, desiring, and lusting for me endlessly! I can’t even look at you or think of you without feeling a surge throughout my entire body. There’s no greater feeling on the planet than completely surrendering to you ….over and over and over again! There are no words for this that will ever do this justice. I will just leave it as saying….there’s nothing I’d rather do than you baby!

You are ninja-ass brilliant! I’ve never met anyone whose mind works like yours! You amaze and inspire me every day! Even just the crumbs that fall off your ideas are crazy wicked brilliant!!! People think they know how “smart” you are….oh my….if they really knew! Scary brilliant!

Your faith and connection to source and all that is has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. I thought I walked with G-d every day before I met you. Since you began teaching me and guiding me, now G-d is WITHIN me always….I’m not sure there is a greater gift that a man can give his woman than to guide her to bringing G-d within her. Every day I live in Grace and it is even sweeter because it was a gift from you.

From the very beginning you have loved me flaws and all! No matter how high I soar….the falls are just as big and you are always there, with your big hands ready to catch me, guide me, and love me back up! Looking back over my life, one of the things I am most grateful for is that in my darkest moments, G-d always had you with me….not by my side…..but catching me and lifting me back up! Every fucking time! And there will be more. Many, many more! And I walk through life with the knowing that “I will find you ready!”

Sometimes I try to explain to people what it feels like to know that there is NOTHING in the world to Paul but me. No one else exists, nothing matters, nothing will ever compare to me. It’s not something that can be explained to other humans. But you know exactly what I feel because you know that nothing else in the world compares to you.

I know you don’t love your birthday baby, so I will do my very best to tell you everything every single day of the whole fucking year….you deserve so much more! Paul, thank you for loving me, thank you for who I get to be today, thank you for giving me this life.

As I said when I committed myself to you forever…I give you all that I am and all that I ever will be.

Now more than ever. I give you all that I am…everything. I am completely, totally and utterly yours Paul!

Forever is not enough….I want MORE!

All yours, Stacey


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  1. Stacey
    What a beautiful love letter! I could feeeel your love for Paul coming through. What a beautiful tribute to Paul and your love.

    Paul, may you enjoy your sacred day wrapped in the love of your family and friends. Love Ya! See you soon!

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