Hot Sex Anyone?

A word of warning, Relationship Transformer…

If a chat about what it takes to get Ravishing. Satisfying. Sex. in your relationship is too much for your sensibilities, stop reading right now.

Now, then…

A LOT of people out there believe mind-blowing sex isn’t possible outside of a romance novel or steamy movie, much less with your partner.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

(I’m speaking from experience here.)

If you and your partner aren’t having that kind of sex, it’s very rarely a sex problem. 

Meaning, probably no one needs to go see a physician, you don’t need some toy and it’s not about a position that is eluding you. 

A sex problem is RARELY a SEX problem. 

Let me explain what I mean.

Most people Paul and I work with are under the impression that you can have that mind-blowing, ravishing, amazing sex even if your relationship sucks.

But that’s not how it works!

Your relationship has to be at a certain level for Unleashed Passion™ to be attained. Reaching that level is the #1 thing that needs to happen before opportunities for this kind of sex start showing up for you.

If you’re a woman who wants sex, but you feel like your man has detached, or given up (it’s a very common dynamic, by the way), it means there’s a relationship challenge.

His lack of interest is a symptom, not the cause–like sneezing is a symptom, not the cause, of a cold.

It could be he no longer feels like he’s leading you, or like he can’t win with you. 

Maybe you’re not aligned. Maybe he’s not fulfilled. Maybe he feels like there are things more important to you than he is.

It could even be that you’re stuck operating from your masculine.

A man with core masculine energy isn’t going to be pulled in by “masculine” energy in a woman. He craves FEMININE energy. 

And if you’re a man whose partner doesn’t want as much sex as you do, let me ask…are you all the way into your mature masculine? Are you serving and leading her, without measuring and evaluating? Has she surrendered to you? Does she trust you? Is there NOTHING that could ever come between you? Has everything been forgiven?

Does she feel supported by you each day? Does she “light up” when she sees you? Does she surrender to you OUTSIDE the bedroom? 

If not, then she’s still “protecting” from you and not OPEN & vulnerable to you. If she’s not OPEN to you outside the bedroom, she can’t be truly OPEN to you INSIDE the bedroom! The solution is NOT in the bedroom… it’s in the RELATIONSHIP!

Bottom line: How amazing the sex is with your partner is directly related to where you are on your spectrum of feminine energy or masculine energy.

Mastering steps 1 through 7 of our 8-step Relationship Transformation System® is what Paul and I tell our clients will create those opportunities for mind-blowing, ravishing sex (Step 8, by the way), by helping them solve relationship challenges and re-aligning with their core energy.

I know this topic can be uncomfortable, but it’s something that needs to be talked about.

If there’s something that needs to be solved so you can have the Unleashed Passion™ that you want… do the work!

Sending love,


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