How did we end up like this?

It just didn’t make sense.

How was it even possible to meet and then marry the love of your life, only to end up with a relationship that was, at best, mediocre?

That’s the question Brad found himself asking more and more frequently in the seven years since he’d said “I do.”

It wasn’t the worst marriage in the world, but it sure as hell wasn’t what he wanted it to be.

Especially since, from the day Brad realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life with this person, he was determined to bring his very best to his marriage. 

Back then he just knew, deep down, that their life together would be glorious.

Instead, it was just meh.

Where was the Unshakeable Love? Where was the Unleashed Passion?

As the years dragged on, Brad realized that if he wanted the amazing relationship he’d envisioned since the day he said “I do”, he’d have to take dramatic action to get it.

So, even though it was way, way out of his comfort zone, Brad signed up to attend our annual Relationship Breakthrough Retreat live event.

Over the course of the event’s three full days of tools and transformation, Brad realized how many other people were going through the exact same thing he was.

He also learned how much power he actually had when it came to transforming his relationship; and how he could finally take it to that next level he’d been so eager to reach, but for whatever reason, hadn’t.

We have so much more power than we think–not only in our relationships, but in all areas of our lives.

The problem is, we’re constantly handing that power over to other people, in the form of expecting them to change to make things better.

And when they don’t, we end up faced with two paths, both of which suck: 

  1. Settle for mediocrity (or worse), like Brad was; or 
  2. Bust up our relationship and our family, leaving a path of destruction in our wake.

I’m so glad Brad took a flying leap out of his comfort zone to join Paul and I for our annual Relationship Breakthrough Retreat.

I also applaud him for taking control of his life, and in so doing, finding the exact skills and knowledge he needed to transform his “stale as moldy bread” relationship.

Can you relate to what Brad went through? Were you expecting fireworks in your relationship, but instead, it fizzled?

You don’t have to settle…and leaving isn’t the only other option! Like Brad, you can empower yourself with the tools to transform your relationship and make it BETTER than you ever dreamed it could be. 

It’s not just POSSIBLE…it’s predictable! We’ve already solved this and thousands of people have implemented our methodology for themselves to get BEYOND the results they wanted in their relationship!

Don’t you deserve to be next?

Sending love,

Stacey and Paul 

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