How much uncertainty can you comfortably live with??


“The QUALITY of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of UNCERTAINTY you can comfortably live with” – Tony Robbins

Yes, that is painted onto our office wall…along with many other quotes that are more than just quotes to us…we live by these words!


Many years ago, at a Date with Destiny event with Tony, Paul was stopped in his tracks by these words. As he realized that the amount of certainty he required from life (up to that moment) was keeping him from experiencing the BEST life had to bring him.

Ironically, even though I was all the way across the room from him in a sea of 2,400 people, I was having the same “stop you in your tracks” moment.

I had lived my life as a “control freak” up to that moment.

This was my initial reaction to hearing those words…(keep in mind, this was the Ice Princess thinking….)


I was like….Uncertainty…why in the HELL would I want to welcome more UNCERTAINTY into my life! No way! The whole point of life is to control the outcome so you get what you need, rely on no one else so you don’t get disappointed, make sure you survive and don’t get hurt!

Luckily Paul and I live by the standard of always taking ourselves to the next level. That’s why we continue to work with Tony and many other mentors and coaches!

As I went through this event with Tony I realized that control is an illusion. In fact, he changed my life when he told me “We spend all of our days try to control everything that is outside our control, and ignoring the one thing that is absolutely in our control…mastery of ourselves!”

YES! I had a big A-Ha!! Control IS an illusion! I can’t control anyone else, or the events of life. I can influence them at best. But what chance do I have of truly influencing other people and the events of life if I do not have mastery of my emotions and psychology?! NONE!

That was the moment of decision for me…when upleveling my emotional fitness and peak psychology became a MUST instead of a SHOULD.

Today, many years later, I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. And I’m pretty sure tomorrow I will prove to be even happier.


The amount of UNCERTAINTY that I can be comfortable in would make most people freak the F*$% out!


I am the farthest thing from a control freak! And there is tremendous relief, peace and freedom in that!

How did I do it?

I raised my STANDARDS for myself!

I challenged myself to continually uplevel my own emotional fitness and peak psychology by rewiring my triggers, shifting the meanings that I give things, strengthening my abilities to handle any situation and fortifying my faith.

I massively increased my levels of self-mastery and through doing so, I gained the “certainty” of trusting myself in any situation.

I have no need to control every situation, I do not run from uncertainty and

Comfort is not my STANDARD!

I seek UNCERTAINTY through growth! And I recognize that leaving my current comfort zone for my next level requires me to go through the DIScomfort of leaving my current comfort zone! I have become COMFORTABLE in that DISCOMFORT because my standard is to GROW.

To me, that is how I LIVE out the message of being comfortable in the uncertainty!

It is human nature to feel the discomfort of change and seek to get back to COMFORT.  If you want your relationship, or your life, to change, you cannot make COMFORT your standard. You must decide that you are willing to go through the discomfort and live with the uncertainty of growth to create the transformation you desire!

It’s a CHOICE! Choose wisely!