(video) How to Open to Your Feminine Energy

In today’s 6 minute video I give you a surprising strategy for getting into your feminine energy! So many women get stuck in the masculine and struggle with being in their feminine….that’s where I was stuck for YEARS before I figured this out! One of the things that keeps women so stuck is misunderstanding a key piece of how to “DO” the feminine thing!

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  1. Hi Stacey,

    What a lovely, gentle, and perfect message for me today. As the sole breadwinner at the moment, I sometimes flip to my masculine side because of the weight I carry to make everything happen, and it stresses me out! But I see how, if I just open and lean into whatever it is that is causing me to “man-up,” I will receive the help and message I need right at that moment.

    Thanks for reminding me!


    1. So perfect Cathy!! I’m so thrilled that you got such a great take away for yourself! And if I may add “you are amazing, I love you and thank you for what you are doing right now”…..Love you Cathy!!!!

  2. This sounds terrifying to me but I know that I can do it with the intervals. Thank you Stacey.

    1. Yes, it should be terrifying to you Jennifer – Vulnerability is terrifying if you have been trying to avoid it! Use the intervals and experience the MAGIC! Once you experience that you actually will NOT die from vulnerability (hehe) you will LOVE the amazing experience that you get to enjoy!!!

  3. First of all TRUTH Sister! Secondly, getting into you feminine is not about lighting candles and taking a bath in shit – well… LMAO!!! I love you Stacey Martino!!!!!! You go sister goddess!!! XO

  4. Hey Stacey

    Thanks so much for the reminder and just wanted to say that your “7th Power support” and all your flavour of infectious energy you bring was really appreciated this evening. Big hug Tam

  5. Working on this has been tough… I know that once upon a time ago, I operated from my feminine, but time and circumstances have changed me to operate most entirely from the masculine. Especially that "distancing/withholding/punishing" thing. I have taken the last week to really just notice when I am feeling especially in the masculine, and recognize the triggers that aid me to go there. In the noticing, I have been making some very real attempts to stop, refocus and encourage myself to think "feminine" instead. This strategy has opened the door to three hand holds (one of which I originally denied in a "I don't need help" statement, caught myself and then said, "actually honey, I would love your help." I also let him lead me to the car, which was unusual for me. I haven't noticed differences in him yet, (he's always been willing to grab my hand and help me, but is not overly affectionate) but I do recognize that he is very much a masculine core and feel strongly that if I continue to work on the openness and vulneriabilty needed to be my authentic feminine self, he won't be able to resist me. 😉 Thank you Stacey!! ❤️

  6. I think we must have been twins separated at birth, Stacey! I was the same way when I was younger…always in control, always doing, I didn’t need a man! I emasculated not only my 2 former husbands, but my Father! In the last 5 years, I’ve learned to just be in the feminine & let them do for me. If it’s not exactly the way I would like it, I just thank them any way. I can always sweetly make a request for a change at a later time. It has completely changed my relationships and makes my current boyfriend feel like a hero! I have to keep reminding myself though because every now & then the “masculine doer” wants to creep back in. <3

  7. Amazing Traci!!!! OMG I am SO freakin proud for you! That is HUGE progress already….just ONE week from the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat!!!! Whoooo Hooooo!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!! Oh yes Traci…..you keep going….there is SO much more that you will see and experience…the levels are waiting for you Lovie!!! MUAH!

  8. Great information and enlightening to understand our basic relationship needs and instincts as we interface with a dynamic, modern world. It does not matter how intellectual or advanced a society we may be or becoming, interconnecting modern issues along with human relationship psychology is something that needs attention and a fresh interface or how-to manual to navigate and find our way back to each other. These tools will not only ground and bring happiness to couple relationships, but to the future as well – through children that are impacted by them. I am so happy to see that you are creating a living, breathing scaffold to help relationships become fulfilling once again. Would you outline the masculine states (one is immature and the other mature) and feminine states once again?

    thank you Stacey and Paul!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing here Dawn!! Outlining the immature and mature masculine would take too long in a comment Lovie…but I’ll do a video on this soon to answer your question! And I’ll try to entice Paul Martino to join me and explain it because he teaches it so masterfully! We’ve done other videos on the masculine vs feminine and there are other articles about it on our site if you go snooping around love!!!! stay tuned! MUAH!

  9. Such a simple reminder, and so much enthusiasm about the importance of it. Thank you! One of the things that trips me up is the belief that I HAVE to do everything b/c HE won’t. Just my mind sabotaging me b/c I know the truth is that when I am open and vulnerable he CAN run more of his masculine and do. Thanks again for having the courage to do this work and get this message out to us. I SO appreciate it. Now, off for 5 minutes of being open and vulnerable. A great way to start my meditation today.

  10. love that.. just be. I am being open and vulnerable now. I build him up and say you I trust you.. make the choice.. .. a light blub moment.

  11. Letting go of the masculine energy is going to be SO key for my transformation. I am rooted there, as you were, Stacey. It’s not going to be easy as I perceive it as weakness in myself not to be in control. But, I hear what you are saying about how important it is. My husband will totally appreciate it if I can master this and I’m going to try my best. Baby steps…the intervals will help get me going. Thanks for this video. I needed to see/hear this today!

    1. Awesome Kelly!!! You are Doing The Work Lovie!!!! Baby steps! In The Breakthrough Course, Paul and I are taking you on a journey….during that journey you will forever shift your perspective on control, weakness and feminine energy!!!!! You got this and we got you!

  12. My new love (well, it’s been over a year now!) is soooo good at encouraging me to just “be” and allow him to pamper me. A door opened, a drink bought, a long hug where I just breathe him in and decompress instantly. I seek the moments regularly now, and recognize it as me allowing my feminine to shine.

    It is a soothing place and I love feeling what I feel in those moments when I can allow myself to just BE around my Love. No keeping score. OMG I used to do that all the time in my long marriage. Crazy way to live!

    Thanks, Stacey.

  13. Wow! Had never considered this masculine and feminine energy thing before. I’ve always operated from the masculine it would seem – part of being the oldest child and wired for responsibility. That said, I consider myself a pretty open person. Interestingly enough, I need to learn this openness and vulnerability with my hubbie. When’s the last time I let him have control of a decision without digging my heels in? Hmmmm, lots to think about. Thanks!

  14. Love your insight, Stacey! Thank you for this reminder! I’d love to hear in a future video how we can balance being in the feminine while also being able to gently communicate boundaries and standards? Thanks again for being such a great resource!

  15. Man, I don’t think I get it Stacey. I’m a SAHM so I’m in charge and pay the bills, schedule appts etc. I’m not sure how to try to practice being vulnerable and open. What does that mean for me? I want to operate from my feminine core…

    1. Great question Renee….this is exactly the work that we do with our students, we teach you HOW to do this in real life!!!! I really want this for you to! I hope you consider doing a program or event with us!

  16. Taking a bath and shit LOL LOL LOL Stacey Martino – I love you so much and this video was spot on in every way! XO

  17. I need more guidance on how to be vulnerable etc. Regarding how to practice feminine.
    Thank you,

    1. Absolutely! This is a big topic and exactly what Paul and I teach in Step 6 of our 8 steps system….in all our programs and events! Please reach out to us Camala! We are happy to help you discover the program or event that is the best fit for you! [email protected]

  18. Hard to actually completely understand this,
    Think I have only lived the masculine side now that you have pointed it out.
    Any examples of vulnerable and open?

    1. I get it Teresa, I was in the same boat many years ago. And examples are VERY hard to come by in “regular life”. This is why Paul and I demonstrate this and teach so many examples to our students! There is more in the videos to come that might give you some insight, but to learn this and truly live it, please check out our programs and events!

  19. Wow !!! Excelent advise. I am always on my masculine energy, and it´s like you say, protective, punishment, controler, I want to do everything by myself, and so much more….

    When you give me the instruction, not to do anything to being femenine… and just Stop to be masculine… Is a relief for me !!! And then remember us for the intervals…. its very wise, a lot of times it happend to me that I know the theory, I know what to do here or what not to say there….. But I spect it to do it from overnight, and it is not simple, is it not easy to stop doing what you usually do.

    I compromise myself to STOP my masculine energy, doing intervals.

    Thanks for your videos, thanks for your joy, thanks for your smile, and your fresh attitude.

  20. I love having this reminder!!! I would like to think that I am making great progress in this strategy!! So glad to have you their to coach us Stacey XOXO

    1. You are doing AMAZING work in this area Kelly!!!! We are so thrilled to be there as guides to support you!!!!! Your levels of openness and vulnerability are inspiring today! xoxo

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