How We Cracked The Code

“Okay, Stacey, I’ll give you a second chance. Now run along and fix yourself.”

Paul and I just shake our heads and laugh about it now, but that was Paul’s attitude back when I begged him to give me a second chance.

At the time, it was anything but funny!

How the hell was I supposed to save our relationship if he wouldn’t do the work with me?

That’s a dilemma thousands upon thousands of men and women in struggling relationships find themselves facing. 

Your choices, you believe, are this:

Settle and suck it up. Your partner’s not going to do this with you, so make the best of it. Who cares if you’re not happy? You chose this, so grow up and deal with it! 

Or, rip your family apart, then cross your fingers and hope you’ll be happy “next time.”

Both of those choices SUCK.

Dragging your partner, kicking and screaming like a toddler in Wal-Mart whose mom wouldn’t buy him the toy he wants, to couple’s therapy may feel like a step in the right direction, but sadly, it’s not, and here’s why:

Couple’s therapy is nothing more than a blame and side show.

You both sit down. You both tell your side of the story. 

Then you leave it to a third party to take sides and decide which of you is right, and which of you has to suck it up and compromise.

Next comes measuring and scorekeeping. “Well I did this.” “Well I did that!” “I did more than you did!”

Is it any wonder the divorce rate coming out of couple’s therapy is around 80%? 

That’s CRAZY!

And …it’s not fair. Because most of us were conditioned to believe that when you are at the END OF YOUR ROPE… you head over to couples therapy to fix it. 

It kinda sucks that the reality is – most couple’s therapists hold the SCISSOR to your rope. And for MILLIONS of people every year… couple’s therapy ends up being the “Nail in the Coffin” move that gives them permission to finally end their marriage. 

The REAL core reason why couple’s work fails comes down to the SAME reason why everything else out there for relationship is FAILING…book after book, shelf after shelf… it’s all failing!


It’s all about the difference between Relationship Development and Demand Relationship.

In episode two of our Relationship Transformer Podcast, Paul and I reveal the exact differences between these two forms of relationship, plus which one you should strive for if you want Unshakeable Love and Unleashed Passion in your relationship.

It’s no coincidence couple’s therapy, all the books and other courses have failed you (and millions of others). 

Settle or quit are NOT your only choices!

Our RelationshipU program has a 1% Divorce Rate and a 99% Success Rate over SIX years! Those are real results, with real families! Many of those people had already been through couple’s work and were told there was NO HOPE… and yet, we helped them save their marriage…save their family!

It’s time that EVERYONE on the PLANET know this! Your family’s future could depend on it!

Here’s the link to listen to episode two of our Relationship Transformer Podcast:


Choose your favorite platform to listen (or watch!), then select Episode 2: How We Cracked The Code.

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