I’d Rather Face Villagers With Pitchforks

Andrea felt like she was living two different lives, and it was slowly and painfully tearing her apart.

Outside the house she felt like herself. She felt happy (or happier, at least).

But when she set food inside her own home, all that changed.

Andrea and her husband were living as roommates. Their parenting skills, in a word, sucked, and it was all they could do make it through one day without tearing themselves, or their kids, apart.

And “fixing” their marriage? Yeah, not likely.

If Andrea was honest with herself, she hated who she was as soon as she opened the front door and stepped inside. 

It was like this black, ugly cloud of anger and resentment swarmed out of the walls and swallowed her whole, only to spit her back out as some bitter, impatient, miserable version of herself.

It’s no wonder she dreaded coming home.

Andrea knew things could be better, and frankly, she was desperate for them to be, so she enrolled in a parenting course.

If I can’t fix my marriage, I can at least be a better mom, she reasoned.

It was through this parenting course that Andrea found Paul and me.

Everything we said resonated with her, especially when she learned that it only takes ONE person to transform a relationship.

That was a real epiphany for me too, back when I was busting my ass figuring out how to save my relationship with Paul. 

A lot of the crap I tried—because it was crap!—before Paul and I created Relationship Development, was not only stuff Paul wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole back then, it also required the other person’s participation.

Andrea’s husband, like a lot of people in failing relationships, would rather walk across a bed of hot coals than submit to bullshit “couple’s counseling.”

I know from experience that believing your partner has to be on board in order to see improvement in your marriage can leave you feeling like a prisoner in your relationship.

People going through this don’t necessarily want to leave, yet staying is absolute hell because, as far as you know, there’s no hope for any improvement whatsoever.

But when Andrea realized she could transform her marriage without her husband’s participation, it changed everything

A spark of hope kindled in her heart, and it inspired her to enroll in our Quick Start Program. 

What she learned spoke to her SO much, because it taught her how to shine a light on the “invisible challenges” she was facing (like what was actually triggering her and causing “kerfuffles” with her husband), then revealed concrete tools she could use to address and SOLVE those triggers.

Andrea was so amazed by her results, and how they were transforming her relationship with her husband and kids, she attended our Relationship Breakthrough Retreat, and eventually, enrolled in RelationshipU.

Andrea told me she really feels so much more like herself at home now. (What a relief to enjoy going home to your partner and family, rather than feeling like you’re preparing to face a mob of bloodthirsty villagers with torches and pitchforks)!

She told me she’s so calm when she gets home; and she’s not only stepped into the best version of herself, she’s bringing out the best in everyone around her, especially her husband and children.

Andrea and I both tried some of the same old crap available “out there” to “fix” our relationships  before Relationship Development. I bet you have too…

There’s nothing worse than wasting your time, energy and money on stuff that not only doesn’t work, but makes things WORSE!

Like Andrea, you deserve real solutions. 

Sending love,


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