If You’re A “Skeptic,” Listen Up

“I’m a skeptic.”

A Relationship Transformer™ wrote that recently in a post in our community.

It got me thinking about how, in many circles, being skeptical is synonymous with being smart.

As in, if you “foolishly” open up and trust someone, well, you’re asking to get hurt. You should have “known better,” and it’s “your own fault” for being so naive and gullible…right?


Being skeptical does not equal being “smart!”

Being skeptical is just a crutch…an excuse you can use to do NOTHING, while smugly hiding behind some “intellectual significance,” like you “know better.”

That is NOT how Paul and I see it.

If you haven’t solved your crap, you do not know better. You’re just being a coward!

The opposite of gullibility isn’t skepticism. It’s being WISE.

People I know who are wise do not smother themselves with the illusion of “being a skeptic” (which is another way of saying being stubborn and fearful).

Listen, if the thought of being vulnerable scares you, I understand. My nickname used to be Ice Princess, remember? 

I was as guarded as they come and thought being open was for idiots who deserved to get screwed over.

But by clinging to that attitude, all I did was screw myself over.

Seriously I almost lost EVERYTHING!

Only by being open and vulnerable was I able to not just stop my life from falling into shambles, but to actually give it a complete 180!

For that reason, I want you to hear me when I tell you this… 

If part of your blueprint values skepticism as “smart,” it’s time to rip that bullshit out and flush it down the crapper…

Because that skepticism was conditioned into you by people who wanted you to conform, instead of grow, leap and excel!

Screw that!!

Paul and I, and our amazing community of Relationship Transformers are here for you. We can’t wait to support you in making the shift from skeptical to wise…and in so doing, transform your relationship (and even your entire life!).

Sending love,


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