Is it really possible to forgive…everything?

Forgiveness. It feels impossible sometimes, doesn’t it?

Whenever I tell my students ANYTHING can be forgiven, reactions range from skepticism to flat-out refusal.

“Stacey, I can’t let that go – you have no idea what they did to me!”

“They” isn’t always your current partner. 

It might be a past partner, a family member or even a friend…someone who burned you so badly, you feel like there’s no possible way you can ever move beyond it

Or maybe you’re the one who blew it, and you’re beating yourself up, as if you’re unworthy of happiness because of how badly you screwed up.

Or perhaps, like way too many people, you’ve been through some horrific or traumatic experience.

Please understand we are not making light of it … to the contrary, we are taking it so seriously, that we want to show you the way OUT of your suffering!

The unwillingness to forgive keeps us stuck.

Holding on to UNforgiveness does not create justice, because that’s not how justice works.

If you have something that you are stuck in UNforgiveness about… please do yourself and your family a huge favor and go through our proven 5-Step Forgiveness Process™.

We have helped thousands of people release even the most painful of things by taking them through our unique and proven process. 

And it’s NOT what you think….

We are NOT going to tell you to just “let it go”. And you will not have to say “it’s OK, that thing they did”. And most of all – you will DEFINITELY NOT have to make-up with or connect with anyone that you are angry with. 

I can’t explain this process in an email… it takes about 90 minutes to go through the whole thing (sometimes 2 hours).

Would it be WORTH 2 hours of your time to finally be FREE of whatever you feel like you cannot forgive??

The COST of unforgiveness is your future.

The REWARD of forgiveness is FREEDOM and PEACE OF MIND.

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