(video) It’s no wonder you are so wiped out!

Recently there’s been a lot of chatter about this Flip-Flop Predicament so many people are stuck in? Are you in it too?

Paul and I made this video for you to help you understand where you are in this predicament! And if you are stuck, I have a resource for you to help get you unstuck and realigned with your authentic core energy! I’m so excited to have Paul join me in this video so you can hear the masculine perspective from him!!!

The Flip Flop Predicament is when a woman is stuck operating in her masculine a lot of the time and her man is stuck disconnected from his masculine or operating from his feminine a lot of the time….the core energies Flip-Flop!

This zaps the passion right out of your relationship…but it also exhausts you and leave you feeling uninspired in life!

There is a lot of chatter about this predicament of being stuck in the opposite energy! Unfortunately, as usual, a lot of the chatter is focused on the problem, and not too many people are talking about the solution!

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PS: Here are a few videos I did on Feminine Energy:

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6 thoughts on “(video) It’s no wonder you are so wiped out!

  1. Ha! This has been SO ME in the past. This video is so timely, too, because this has been a very busy week. I have a lot of things going on in my business and am really rooted in getting it all done. I have also had a raging headache for the last two days.

    Last night, I felt myself climbing into my masculine with Chris and sensed it between us when we sat down to eat. I am so glad I can see it happening now. I was able to stop it and drop it, because of the tools you have been teaching, and soften for the rest of the night. By the time we went to bed he had shifted back down, too, and he stepped in and began to care for me and my headache. I awoke to him checking on me this morning, and when the headache was still there, bringing me a cold compress and ice, and asking what he could do to help me.


    Masculine Amy would have gone to bed mad last night AND would have started a fight. Seeing myself there I was able to shift, and magic happened.

    Stacey and Paul, thank you so much for demonstrating this so magically to us, and for sharing what you know so that we can become unshakable, too. <3

    1. Wow!! I love to watch you implement these strategies to shift your life Amy!!! I’m so thrilled to serve you my darling! The way you TAKE ACTION with these tools and truly do the WORK to shift yourself in the moment (and it’s not easy) is just AWESOME! And that’s why you are enjoying these results love!!!

      I’m so proud for you to see you shift yourself and thrilled for you to experience how that “triggered” Chris to serve you!
      I hope your headache feels better….I’m sending LOVE to you and lots of healing energy!

      Love you!!! Stacey

  2. I love your energy together – the dynamic duo! My biggest takeaway is re-rooting to your masculine and opening to your feminine. Those action verbs so clearly define the difference in the intention behind the energy. Thanks Stacey and Paul!

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