(video) It’s no wonder you are so wiped out!

Recently there’s been a lot of chatter about this Flip-Flop Predicament so many people are stuck in? Are you in it too?

Paul and I made this video for you to help you understand where you are in this predicament! And if you are stuck, I have a resource for you to help get you unstuck and realigned with your authentic core energy! I’m so excited to have Paul join me in this video so you can hear the masculine perspective from him!!!

The Flip Flop Predicament is when a woman is stuck operating in her masculine a lot of the time and her man is stuck disconnected from his masculine or operating from his feminine a lot of the time….the core energies Flip-Flop!

This zaps the passion right out of your relationship…but it also exhausts you and leave you feeling uninspired in life!

There is a lot of chatter about this predicament of being stuck in the opposite energy! Unfortunately, as usual, a lot of the chatter is focused on the problem, and not too many people are talking about the solution!

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