It’s Your Turn For Once

It’s his turn to step up and do some of the work, Carley thought, glancing at her husband, who’d just lost his temper, again, for no reason whatsoever that she could see.

His hair-trigger moods were really out of control, and she never knew when he’d suddenly sail off the deep end and blow up at her out of the blue.

Carley felt she had tried literally everything she could find and everything she could think of to fix her marriage.

Yet she was still incredibly unhappy, and frustrated with how her husband was showing up in their relationship.

Is this how it’s going to be for the rest of our lives? she thought. The prospect filled her stomach with a black ball of misery.

She wasn’t ready to leave yet—-but she couldn’t imagine spending the rest of her life this miserable? How could he expect that from her?

Especially when he wouldn’t step up and do anything to help their relationship.

Carley was stuck in the same miserable place so many people find themselves–leave and destroy her family, or stay, settle, and compromise.

When Carley started listening to Paul and I talk about how it only takes one person to transform any relationship, she liked the sound of it…but deep down, she didn’t believe it (yet!).

Still, she decided she had nothing to lose–and, more importantly, everything to gain–by attending our annual three-day Relationship Breakthrough Retreat (RBR).

What she learned at RBR taught her that there are, in fact, SO many more tools she can use to transform her relationship! 

And best of all, none of them required her husband’s participation!

When Carley began implementing what she learned at RBR–and later, what she learned after enrolling in Relationship U®–the most amazing things started happening.

Carley realized how much she had MISUNDERSTOOD her husband. She began to realize that a lot of the moments that she judged him for being harsh were actually the result of her NOT understanding the differences between the masculine and the feminine.

Carley learned how much power she had to influence how her husband showed up, simply by showing up in a way that honored how he was wired, and brought out the best in him, instead of the worst. 

And as a direct result of Carley’s choices, her husband TRANSFORMED! What she perceived as his “moods” and “blow ups” pretty much STOPPED! And the greatest version of him was showing up for her!

She and her husband are also enjoying more effective conversations. They’re even getting on the same page on topics they used to constantly argue about!

Plus Carley’s learned how she can allow her husband to be more supportive of her.

Their two children, a boy and a girl, are even benefitting, DRAMATICALLY, from how Carley’s started showing up for them. (It’s been especially powerful for her relationship with her teenage son!)

Even though she started out skeptical that it only takes ONE person to transform any relationship, Carley’s experienced it for herself so many times, she believes it 110%!

Maybe you are like Carley was at first, skeptical that all it takes is one person to transform any relationship?

Or does that idea fill you with hope, because it means you don’t have to settle, suck it up, and compromise, or break up your family, to be happy in your relationship?

There’s only one way to find out!!! Take action!!

Sending love 

Stacey and Paul