[video] Happy Thanksgiving….how to navigate those family relationships over the holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving! Paul and I are so grateful for YOU this holiday season! Thank you for being part of our community!

We want to GIVE you a GIFT for Thanksgiving! I did this 16 minute training video a while ago for a new program we were going to release. We haven’t released that program yet, but I wanted to GIVE you this training video so you can start using it TODAY!
In this video, I teach you our Right Hand/Left Hand Strategy….it’s a tool I created to help you successfully navigate any family relationship Kerfuffle you may encounter over the holidays!

We have been teaching this tool to our students for years and hundreds of people have reported that it has completely transformed their family relationships!

Our gift to you this Thanksgiving…..I hope this brings you more joy and peace through your holidays!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sending love,




15 thoughts on “[video] Happy Thanksgiving….how to navigate those family relationships over the holidays!

  1. amazing! 🙂 thank you. i have been using this strategy for last few years, but i was missing few details. now i have whole picture! 🙂

    1. So glad to give you more details Aneta!!! Believe it or not….there is still more that we teach on this tool! There’s always a deeper dive sweetness!!! Keep progressing!! Sending love!

  2. What a wonderfully helpful concept as we enter the holidays in particular. Thank you for the reminder, Stacey. I really appreciate not only the wisdom and highly practical value of what you and Paul teach – but also how understandable and accessible make your teachings. So grateful for you and your generosity! <3

  3. So happy this served you Tracy Harrison!!! Thank you for being so generous with your words Tracy, it is always our goal to make our tools understandable and accessible…so you can USE them!!! Love you sweetness!!! So grateful for you too!

  4. I so needed to hear this wonderful advice! This information is a gift that I will cherish and use
    everyday! You are the best……..

  5. This is a great, and positive perspective. I can tell that this will be very useful in my near future. My biggest challenge right now is that I only have two groups of people in my life, (today) friends/family & toxic people. I'm motivated to create a peer group though, and as quickly as I possibly can. I really need a group of people who won't be all about draggingme down…thanks for the great gift!

  6. You are welcome!! Creating that 7th Power community in your life is so powerful! We wish you all the best on creating yours! We hope to see you in our community someday soon!!

  7. This is fucking genius Stacy. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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