[new video] lessons from Elephant and Piggie!

I just shot this brand new video for you! The craziest thing happened. My daughter was reading this Elephant and Piggie book to me the other night and as she finished reading I realized that there was an incredible hidden lesson in this very simple children’s book! I’m going to share it with you today so you can bring it to your love relationship, and all your relationships, to have a better quality of life!

Ok, it’s true this book happens to also be about ice cream…but that’s not the ONLY reason that I’m sharing it with you!

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10 thoughts on “[new video] lessons from Elephant and Piggie!

  1. We love Elephant and Piggie books! This video lit me up! I took from it that we can and should ask, and we must be patient with how it is given. The how is not up to me. I notice that when I embrace that law my life is more joyful.

  2. We LOVE Will You Share My Ice Cream!! It's my son's favorite. Amazing, the hidden brilliance contained within these children's books 🙂

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