You are not currently in a relationship, but you want to be in a successful, loving and passionate relationship that’s right for you! What you need most right now are the tools and strategies that really work to transform yourself into the best partner you can be and achieve supreme clarity on what the best possible relationship is for you, so that you are ready to attract and keep your forever love!

You are not currently in a committed intimate relationship, but you want to be.

You are driven. You actively seek opportunities for growth and choose to model the best. You hold yourself to a high standard. You’re successful in many areas of your life, but have not yet successfully navigated having and sustaining a forever love. Perhaps you are not even sure that a forever love exists for you.

You absolutely want to have a loving, committed intimate relationship, but you are not sure how. You have a strong desire to create a deep love with an ideal partner and ignite a burning passion that you feel is somewhere within you.

If you are an entrepreneur, you recognize that your business has had an impact on your intimate relationships (or lack of one)…and, maybe you are even concerned that it always will!  At times, you wonder if you truly can have BOTH an incredible intimate relationship and a growing and expanding business.

If we are being really honest here, you have put SO much of yourself into your business, and it’s so incredibly important to you, that you really don’t want to end up in a relationship with anyone that is going to ask you to restrict, lessen or slow down what you are doing for your mission! You long for a partner that will love you for exactly who you really are and 100% support your expanding business and mission in the world!

At times you think it might be best to focus on a new relationship once your business gets to XYZ. But a part of you doesn’t want to wait to love and to be loved.

If given proven tools and strategies that work, you would absolutely do what it takes to transform YOURSELF into the best partner you can possibly be. You know that learning the best relationship strategies will free you of your worry of repeating old patterns. You would use your supreme clarity on what the absolute best relationship is for you to empower yourself so you know when you find the partner that is right for you (and when you don’t).

You are ready to prepare yourself to attract and keep your forever love!


Probably the biggest challenge for you seems to be finding the ideal partner who will love you for exactly who you are and support you, and the life you have created for yourself, 100%. You may even question whether that “ideal partner” really exists for you.

Even if this “ideal partner” really did exist for you, you really don’t know where to find them. And if you did find them, there is a part of you that is really concerned that you would actually screw it up.

If we are being really honest here, at this point, maybe you are even a little concerned that you’ve been picking the wrong mates and you are starting to trust others who have had tremendous success in intimate relationships (the few that you can find) more than you trust yourself.

While there were many things about your past partners that were not a right fit for you, you also recognize that it’s highly possible that there are things you are unknowingly bringing into the relationship that are causing you problems and if that’s the case, you don’t want to do that again.

Naturally, after all the pain and broken hearts of your past, you are also afraid of getting hurt again. But at this point, the pain of being alone and the terrifying image that you might be alone for the rest of your life, is starting to outweigh your fear of a hurt that may never actually happen. In fact, you recognize that you lived through the other broken hearts and today you are much older, wiser and more supported in your life then you were then.


If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that “You are going to take YOU with You to your next relationship.” – Tony Robbins

This may surprise you, but right now, your focus needs to be on YOU! You need the tools and strategies to transform YOURSELF into the best version of yourself as a partner that you can be!

You need supreme clarity on what your ideal relationship really looks like. The one that will allow you to flourish as your most authentic and empowered self and live out your purpose in your life! You need to empower yourself with the tools to easily identify your ideal partner and attract them to you!

You also need to understand the things in your past relationships that you took personally that were not about you, they are just about ALL men or ALL women.

You need the tools and strategies to create a magnificent love affair with someone of the opposite sex! Which includes learning how to appreciate all the differences between the genders and how to bring out the very best in your partner….who is practically a different species than you are.

You need to learn how to create an indivisible partnership with your intimate partner, while still having a thriving business, a loving family, unconditional love for your kids and all your other relationships in your life too! This is one of the key areas that can take down a new relationship that is formed later in life.

You need to master the tools of forgiving and forgetting so that you can successfully navigate the storms of life that will certainly come. You need the strategies that allow you to find the gifts in the storms and the upsets so that you can face them together and triumph together successfully…strengthening your relationship with each weathered storm!

You need to learn the skills of KEEPING passion, playfulness and fun in a long term relationship! And how to progressively unleash a ravishing intimacy with your mate, even after months and years of being together.

It is a universal law that LIKE attracts LIKE.

Whatever your ability level, however you have played the game in love in the past, is what you have the ability to attract.

If you have struggled with intimate relationships in the past, or are in a rough state right now, but you are fantasizing of a romantic, supportive, loving and understanding mate who will love you unconditionally for your most authentic self (even though YOU have never successfully done that for someone else long term)….then you are trying to achieve something universally impossible. You are trying to attract someone who is playing at a higher level than you are right now. That’s why there’s been no amazing intimate relationship in your present.

The only way for your life to change is for YOU to change. As the best version of yourself, you will attract and engage in a VERY different intimate relationship experience than ever before. When you elevate yourself and your ability to successfully create an unshakable love and an unleashed passion….you will attract and KEEP your ideal partner, who will play at that level too!!!

And then, life will never be the same for you again!!!

Your Next Steps

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