Passionless is the Norm

A RelationshipU student of ours, named Julia, told Paul and I that her relationship was passionless. 

She wanted to figure out whether or not her current relationship was the right one for her, and if it was even possible to get the passion she craved from this relationship.

When she talked to her friends outside the Relationship Development® community about it, they all told her, “That’s just how it goes.”


Hell no, that’s not “just how it goes!”

I get why Julia’s friends thought so, because most of us are conditioned for demand relationship, which is a tired old model that not only doesn’t work, it actually destroys relationships.

Paul and I insist on having a community for our Relationship Transformers, so when you learn and start implementing Relationship Development®, you have a supportive group of like-minded people around to help you succeed.

That means you’re not going to hear mainstream relationship crap like…

“You need to get a divorce.”

Or, “I know it sucks, but you do have to settle for a passionless relationship, because sooner or later, that’s just what happens.”

That’s all bullshit!

A relationship that meets your needs and doesn’t require you to settle, compromise and suck it up is not a fantasy. It’s totally attainable.

And Julia was committed to getting it, either with her current partner, or with someone else — so much so she enrolled in RelationshipU to get more of what she needed to create that for herself…including the support, guidance, solutions and loving accountability from Paul, from me, and from her fellow Relationship Transformers.

Don’t let the “advice” from people who, though they have your best interest at heart, talk you into settling for something that’s not right for you (or into giving up on something that may not yet be a lost cause).

First of all, Paul and I don’t believe in giving advice, because advice is just other people telling you what they would do.

Instead, we show you patterns that lead to certain outcomes, and leave it up to you to decide whether or not you’ll adopt the patterns that lead to the outcomes you want. 

Why? Because when it comes down to it, only YOU can decide what’s right for you.

Think about some of the “advice” you’ve been getting from people around you. Even those who want the best for you. Have they helped thousands of people save their marriage? Have they helped tens of thousands of people bring the passion back? Maybe you wanna be careful about whose advice you are listening to?

If you want real solutions and answers…listen to the Relationship Transformer Podcast! Start with Episode One and listen in order! These are the solutions you have been wanting!

Sending love,

Stacey and Paul

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