Romance Novels And Drinking

Amanda’s marriage was never quite the same after her husband’s brain tumor.

Though he fully recovered physically after doctors found the tumor and surgically removed it, something between them had changed. He wasn’t the same man he used to be. His personality was different, it was like he was a different person. 

After 20 years of marriage, she could feel the difference, and it was affecting their relationship in a big way…

…so big, in fact, that Amanda tumbled into a pit of despair so black and so deep, the only way she could cope was with alcohol.

She spent the majority of her time sitting on the back porch, reading romance novels and drinking.

Finally, her drinking got so bad, that at the insistence of the people around her, she checked into rehab.

Even though going to rehab wasn’t entirely her idea, Amanda embraced it.

And as soon as she did, she realized her life needed some BIG changes.

After divorcing her husband and paying 70% of her income in alimony (her husband hadn’t worked in 10 years) and child support, Amanda spent the next 8 months essentially homeless, as she searched for a place of her own.

It was around this time Amanda’s interest in self-development took root. She’d made progress in rehab, and wanted to keep the momentum going.

Since she had very little disposable income, she began with online videos and books, consuming as many as she could get her hands on.

Within a year of beginning her personal development journey, she felt a sense of balance returning to her life.

Not only that, she realized that the one thing she truly wanted in her new life was a fabulous relationship.

But she’d also done enough personal development to realize that if she brought those same relationship “skills” from her marriage into her new relationship, a fabulous relationship wasn’t the outcome she was likely to get.

Thankfully, Amanda came across a relationship video Paul and I did, and the message resonated with her. She could see exactly how applying it would empower her to bring a different version of herself, with a different skill set, into her new relationship.

Eager to learn more, Amanda signed up for her first Relationship Development course and she went all in to devour every bit of it. Amanda transformed in that program, she became the version of herself that could have the kind of relationship that she wanted. And in a short period of time, she did exactly that, she was able to clearly see the right relationship for her, cultivate an amazing relationship with a man that was aligned for her and went on to create that fabulous relationship she’d dreamed of with her new partner.

It was so fabulous, in fact, that her new husband’s father called her up one day and said, “I just want you to know that not only are you the best thing that’s ever happened to, or for, my son, I have never seen him this happy since he was born.”

And when she visited him at work, several of his co-workers came up to her and said, “I’m so glad he’s with you, I’ve never seen him this happy.”

Best of all, what Amanda’s learned in her Relationship Development training has improved every area of her life.

Not only is her marriage fabulous, she’s financially secure again. She even dropped those 80 pounds she gained while her first marriage was on the rocks.

It’s not uncommon for a traumatic life event to change a relationship, the way Amanda’s changed with her first husband after his brain tumor.

Whether it’s disease, a crime or assault of some kind, the loss of a loved one or even something like moving to a new city–it can affect your relationship in a way you never saw coming.

No matter what life throws at you. No matter where you find yourself…just remember that you CAN create the outcome you want, regardless of the circumstances. 

Sending love,


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