(video) Salad Vs Garbage

People come to me to help them with their relationships in all kinds of situations. Some of the most common are…

  • Passion-less: In a caring or loving relationship, but the passion has fizzled or disappeared
  • Loving & Passionate, and wanna take it to the next level
  • Hanging by a Thread: where one or both partners have considered leaving the relationship.
  • Getting divorced or already divorced: And realize that you need to rescue the relationship (not the marriage) so you can peacefully co-parent with your ex for the rest of your lives
  • In between relationships: So that you can empower yourself to know exactly what is the best relationship for you and have the tools to create your magnificent love affair when you are in your forever love relationship.

While I help people in all of those relationship phases and more, the two phases that drive people to seek me out most often are….

Hanging by a Thread and Passion-less.

Now, to you, those two phases appear completely different.

Being in a passion-less relationship, where there is still love or caring but just no intimacy….versus hanging by a thread where one or both partners are thinking about ending it…..Those two relationship phases can seem like the Grand Canyon’s distance apart.

To me, they are the exact same relationship!

That’s just a timing difference.

Like the difference between SALAD and GARBAGE….TIME!

Except this is no joke. And that’s why I’m taking a stand today and saying this loud and clear.

Passion is the life-force of your relationship! Without it, your relationship is DYING!

If the passion in your relationship has fizzled, diminished or disappeared, your relationship is slowly dying. Let me explain. Very often, the passion will fade in a relationship. The partners will have less and less sex as time goes on. Eventually, they will revert to being good friends, parents, and roommates. However, as time passes, it becomes painfully obvious that you are no longer having sex with the only person on the planet you are “allowed” to have sex with. The distance grows and the rejection, pain, and resentment start to build. Eventually you begin to lead what we call “parallel lives.” Where you live under the same roof and go through the motions together, but you try not to “bump” into each other, because every encounter is a painful reminder of what you no longer share together (like bumping into a scab on a wound). Until one day, the reason that is keeping you together leaves (or moves out of your house) and you find yourself wondering why you are even together and questioning if you can tolerate living like this until you die. And then all of a sudden, you realize you are in that other phase…your relationship is hanging-by-a-thread.

The difference between “passion-less” and “hanging-by-a-thread” is just a timing difference. You can bring the passion back NOW! You can transform your relationship to create a trust, bond, and rock-solid alignment where nothing and nobody comes between you. You can bring the spark, excitement, energy, desire, craving and ravishing, satisfying intimacy back to your relationship. In fact, in a shorter amount of time than you think, it can be hotter and more electric than it ever was! HOW? When you master the 8 Essentials to Relationship Transformation you will reignite your passion, reconnect stronger than ever, create your rock solid alignment, get the attention and support that you crave and deserve and unleash the ravishing and satisfying daily intimacy that will blow your mind!

Paul and I have made it really easy for you…..watch this video and learn what you need to reignite your passion!

Post a comment below the video and tell me your biggest take away!

I’ll see you over there!

Sending love,




2 thoughts on “(video) Salad Vs Garbage

  1. Girl, you are in my living room! I wish I had the funds to sign up for your session Right Now! Of course, funds (or lack thereof) is the source of the friction in our relationship, so I am in a major catch-22. I’m doing some extra freelancing to be able to do it though. I’m determined to have a joyous solution to this situation that we have created.

    1. Indasa I LOVE your level of personal responsibility, resourcefulness and determination! Such a powerful combination! You absolutely have what it takes to transform your relationship! Go do the work you need to do to give yourself this gift and we will see you soon! We have a great opportunity coming for you on February 2nd, so stay tuned! I look forward to serving you on your journey!

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