Salad Without Dressing

Jackie felt like her marriage was on autopilot, and if you asked her to describe it, she’d tell you it was like salad without the dressing.

Bland, dry, wilting, with no spice and no flavor.

Jackie knew, deep in her heart, that if she left her marriage on unattended autopilot, then it was only a matter of time before it crashed, and she and her husband would be left hanging by a thread.

But since her husband wasn’t interested in couple’s therapy, Jackie felt powerless to take the wheel and save her marriage from disaster.

Then, Jackie came across a talk I was giving about Relationship Development® at our annual Relationship Breakthrough Retreat.

And a spark of hope kindled when she heard me explain how it only takes ONE person to transform any relationship.

Excited by the idea she could transform her marriage without having to nag and argue with her husband trying to get him on board, Jackie dove in to Relationship Development, eventually enrolling in RelationshipU®.

And it wasn’t long before Jackie realized, “I can do this. I don’t have to keep judging myself–or my husband–to transform our relationship.”

As Jackie implemented what she learned from Paul and I, she found herself filled with SO much appreciation for her marriage and her husband.

And there was so much less measuring and scorekeeping in their relationship, because Jackie learned how to lead with compassion, and solve some of her triggers so she could put a stop to arguments before they even began.

Best of all, Jackie’s inspired so many people around her!

Everyone–from her family to her co-workers–can all see the difference in her and in her marriage!

“Tomorrow’s not promised,” Jackie once said. “Living in the past is wasting time. It’s wasting the opportunity to do something about (your relationship) while you still can. You don’t have to keep going around the same mountain.”

When Jackie came to Paul and I, she felt stuck–in her marriage, but also in herself.

But after working with Paul and I, and with all the support of her fellow Relationship Transformers, Jackie finally feels free.

Do you ever feel “stuck” the way Jackie did–like your only choices are to destroy your family or suck it up, settle, and compromise?

How much longer do you plan on staying stuck? Just so I know 😉

Would you like to know what the FIRST step is to creating the kind of change Jackie created for herself and her family?

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