Screw Cinderella

“This isn’t what I thought it was going to be.”

Ever had that thought about your relationship? About your family in general?

Most people Paul and I work with have a dream for their family…

  • What you want your marriage to feel like…
  • How you want your kids to come to you and talk to you…what you want them to accomplish…how much better you want them to do than you did…
  • You want harmony and peace and laughter…a home brimming with love…
  • Whatever that “dream” looks like for you.

But let me ask you something.

As you think of your dream for your family, are there “whens” scattered all over the place?

  • As in, when the kids are older…
  • When work is not so crazy…
  • When we’ve weathered this financial storm…
  • When THIS, then THAT.

You wait and wait for life to slow down…except life NEVER slows down, does it?

And even after all those situations have come and gone, they never quite put your relationship back where you want it, do they?

So you limp along, trying to “get by,” figuring this is what you’re stuck with. After all, this is just how it is when you’re in a relationship sooner or later, right?

But I’ve got news for you.

“It’s just the way it is” is a fucking LIE!

Paul and I have been together for over 20 years. We’re raising two kids, ages 11 and 15.

We work INSANE hours, we travel, we’ve been through a financial disaster and lost everything.

We have HUGE responsibilities, including growing a team.

We run a charity that feeds 500 families a year on Thanksgiving Day (with 400 volunteers to organize and manage).

Not to mention the countless families that put their marriage and family in our hands to help guide them… we serve them every day.

And yet…

We’re deeply in love…so much so it makes people around us uncomfortable.

We have insane amounts of ridiculously hot sex…more sex than most humans think is possible.

Our home is peaceful, harmonious and happy. Our kids talk to us about everything and are such incredible people (way beyond where Paul and I were at their age!).

And you know the most amazing part?

ALL this came about in spite of the fact that I started out not believing in love, not believing in marriage and NEVER wanting to have kids.

Listen, my life is not some fucking Cinderella story.

It didn’t all happen this way because I “found the right guy,” or “got lucky.”

My life is the way it is because I created it to be this way. And I’m STILL creating it!

You CAN do the same with your life.

That dream you have for your family is 100% possible.

But you’re not going to get it by waiting around for the latest “thing” to resolve itself so you can “get back” to work on it.

And you’re sure as shit not going to get it waiting for something or someone OUTSIDE of yourself to hand it over to.

Your family needs a HERO, and YOU are it!!

What you do next comes down to one of two paths…

Keep doing nothing, keep waiting for “when” and watch your dream for your family slip further and further away


Start taking action NOW to create that dream. It is NOT too late to be the hero of your family.

Are you ready to take action?!

Then we are here to HELP!

Thanksgiving is a REALLY special holiday for me and Paul. For 13 years, our charity has been feeding 500 families on Thanksgiving Day.

We created this charity to give KIDS a place to show up and be of SERVICE so they could feel their VALUE.

Hundreds of KIDS show up to pack boxes of groceries, decorate the boxes and take them to the families that are waiting for them at the food bank. These are families that, without our baskets, would be on a FOOD-LINE on Thanksgiving Day with their kids.

That breaks my heart! So, 13 years ago, Paul and I decided to do something.

We didn’t want it to be a handout, or a prepared meal (like a food line).
We wanted to EMPOWER those parents to COOK a Thanksgiving Feast in their own home, for their own kids!

All they needed were the groceries. We could do that, right?

It started out, the first year, with me and Paul feeding two families.

And it has GROWN. It has become the Community’s Thanksgiving Event. Every year for the last 10 or so years, we have fed 500 Families!

This year, we want to SPREAD that empowerment to YOU!

Now, I know you don’t need our help with your groceries (so grateful).

But we are creating a BLACK FRIDAY SALE for you to be the HERO for YOUR family….

We’ve got something AMAZING planned!

To give you the tools you need to create the dream you have for your family (and more).

Watch your EMAIL on Black Friday (11/29) or check our Facebook Group!

You don’t want to miss out on this Black Friday Deal!

Sending love,


P.S. Hey, #FIRST#, wanna feed a family this year?

Go to and DONATE to feed a family (or find the Basket Brigade in your community)!

P.P.S. Mark Your Calendar! July 9 – 11

Relationship Breakthrough Retreat 2020

Block off the dates on your calendar…. Don’t miss it!

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