(video) surprising secret solution to your need to control

Have you ever wondered HOW to stop your compulsive need to control everyone and everything?  (It causes so much ‘kerfuffle’ in your relationships, yet it seems so hard to stop!!)

I get asked this question all the time, and in today’s 5 minute video, I’m sharing the solution!

Here is the truth:  we can’t control anyone or anything else!

The most we can do is control (or ‘master’) ourselves; yet most of us spend all of our time trying to control everything and everyone around us, while ignoring the only thing we CAN do anything about:  ourselves.

The problem is that people are just trying to ‘stop’ one behavior, without replacing it with another. The solution is to turn around and focus on mastering yourself.

In today’s video, I explain the 3 Key Elements to Self-Mastery:

  1. Up-level your ability to master your ‘state’
  1. Learn how to understand and up-level your internal blueprint (your ‘wiring’ for how you operate in life and relationships)
  1. Learn how to trust yourself to make great decisions in any situation and find the gift in every circumstance, by improving your decision making software.

Are you stuck in a pattern of ‘controlling’ behavior; constantly stressed out by feeling like you NEED for people and situations to go a certain way, in order for things to be ok?

You’re not alone sweetie!!  And your behavior is perfectly normal, if no one ever taught you self-mastery skills

If you’re ready to stop the roller-coaster rider of fear, stress, anger and relationship turmoil that ensues from the need to control, we’d love to help you get ‘unstuck’! 

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