bob-burg-relationship-development…she absolutely and genuinely cares about the people whose lives she touches.

“Having just relatively recently become familiar with Stacey and her work I find myself extremely impressed by two main things; first is her vast knowledge and wisdom in terms of relationship dynamics themselves. And, secondly, the way she absolutely and genuinely cares about the people whose lives she touches. It’s obvious to me in every conversation with Stacey that not only does she focus on providing exceptional value to her clients; her efforts to reach an entirely new audience is a reflection of her authentic desire to make this a world filled with happy and joyful relationships. It’s the result of that desire that she is quickly becoming one of the go-to people in the relationships field.”

– Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver

kristin-burr-relationship-developmentWhether your relationship is on fragile ground or you want to take an already good relationship and make it spectacular, Stacey and Paul can get you where you want to go.

“When I first learned about Stacey Martino and her Relationship Transformation programs, my husband and I felt more like roommates than a married couple. Our relationship had taken a backseat to raising our children, and we’d begun to bicker frequently. I was committed to my marriage but knew that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life living like we were. What we were doing wasn’t working, but I had no idea of where to begin to change it. Enter Stacey and Paul Martino.

Within months of starting Stacey’s program, and without my husband participating in it, our relationship was on much firmer ground. I had a renewed appreciation for my husband—including the characteristics that had been driving me crazy—and could see how well we complemented each other and what had drawn us together in the first place. We were consistently making time for each other, and playfulness returned. For the first time in years, I could see the upbeat, hopeful, and fun person that I really am.  My children have also benefited immensely, watching my husband and me really enjoy being together as partners and not just as parents.

Stacey has a special talent for guiding you to look at things in an entirely new light. During one recent difficult period, I couldn’t break my pattern of negative feelings. One short (7 minute) conversation with Stacey changed all of that. She reframed the situation in a way that helped me stop taking the situation personally. As a result, not only did I feel better, but also I felt deeper compassion for my partner. It was like Stacey had flipped a switch: after being incredibly upset for nearly a week, all of a sudden I felt peaceful and confident that everything was going to be fine. The impact on everyone in my family was immediate. My husband and my children were so glad to see me feeling happier that the energy at home completely shifted and we all became more lighthearted.

Whether your relationship is on fragile ground or you want to take an already good relationship and make it spectacular, Stacey and Paul can get you where you want to go. They model the amazing relationship that is possible, and their generosity, passion for their work, and true caring are inspirational. As a bonus, not only did my relationship with my husband improve, but so did my relationships with everyone in my life: my children, my parents, my in-laws, and my colleagues. I can’t wait to see how my husband and I will continue to create the relationship of our dreams —and thanks to Stacey and Paul, I know that we can. I am grateful for you every day, Stacey and Paul!”

– Kristin, Wynnewood, PA

amy-mccready-stacey-relationship-developmentThis approach to transforming relationships is truly revolutionary and can benefit anyone.

“It is so powerful for kids to see mom and dad working as a team. As a parenting educator, I see couples struggle to get on the same page every single day. Using Stacey & Paul Martino’s 8 step Relationship Transformation System, I’ve witnessed parents quickly and effectively align as a team in a way that not only serves as a positive example for their kids but makes for a much happier Mom and Dad!

What I love most about the Relationship Transformation System approach is that it only takes ONE partner to transform the relationship! This is a game-changer for relationships and families because it empowers just one parent to create the shift which benefits the entire family. I happily refer families to Stacey & Paul all the time because I’ve personally used the tools and strategies Stacey and Paul teach to create a fantastic boost in my own 25+ year marriage! This approach to transforming relationships is truly revolutionary and can benefit anyone, in any relationship situation.”

– Amy McCready, author of “If I Have to Tell You One More Time” and founder of

mary-pritchard-relationship-developmentStacey made me realize that I don’t have to settle!

“When I first signed up for Stacey’s 8-week Relationship Transformation Quick Start Program, I was single and attracting nothing but ‘toads.’ Recently divorced, I realized that I need to work on me before I could find my Prince. In the very first Module, I realized what my problem was: ME. Stacey made me realize that: 1) I don’t have to settle, 2) it’s up to me to create my ideal relationship; it doesn’t just happen, and 3) I can’t create what I can’t envision or believe in.

That’s when the real work began. As I progressed through the modules I realized what role I had played in the dissolution of my marriage – it wasn’t all my ex’s fault!!! Stacey armed me with the skills I needed to create my ideal relationship and 6 weeks into the program, I met my soulmate.

Not wanting to stop there, I signed up for the live Relationship Breakthrough Retreat. I owed it to myself – and my new partner – to not make the same mistakes that I did with my ex-husband. If you think Stacey is good on-line, you’ve never seen Stacey and Paul live demonstrating the relationship skills they use to create a passionate love in person. It was incredible! I emerged from those 3 days in New Jersey ready to rock my ideal relationship!

I haven’t stopped since. I am re-listening to the 8-week Relationship Transformation Quick Start Program for the 4th time. Each time I emerge myself in Stacey’s teachings, I learn something new about myself and about my relationships. My way of be-ing is forever changed and I can’t thank Stacey enough for being my beacon of light in the otherwise dark halls of my relationship history.”

– Mary E. Pritchard, PhD, HHC Women’s Empowerment Coach; Holistic Health and Life Style Coach

jon-vroman-relationship-developmentI never would have been able to predict the breakthrough that we had from coaching with Stacey!  I would pay an astronomical amount of money to get the information that Stacey brings to the table!

“Hey everybody! Jon Vroman, a happy client and RAVING fan of Miss Stacey Martino! I’ve gotta tell you that if you are considering doing any level of coaching with Stacey, you should pause this video and immediately sign up for anything she’s offering!

My wife and I knew of Stacey and knew what she was doing with the relationship coaching, but we had a “good relationship” and I actually said “do we really NEED this coaching from Stacey?”

But I’m so glad that I have an underlying belief that I can get better at anything! And that just because we are SATISFIED with our relationship doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to take it to another level and make it extraordinary!

So we signed up for coaching with Stacey and after our first call, my wife’s in tears and I’m in tears. Not “bad” tears, tears of joy, connection and love! Tear of “thank goodness we’re doing this!” I never would have been able to predict the breakthrough that we had!

And I’ve done lots of coaching, with lots of different people, world class coaches. And I’ve paid thousands of dollars to do that, for all areas of my life, whether it’s my health, my business or anything. But I hadn’t really invested into Relationship Coaching. Why would I have not done that?! I was kicking myself for not doing it earlier. We had a tremendous breakthrough.

To this very day, I will catch myself saying either out loud or just to myself “what would Stacey have said in this situation or what did she tell us to do in this situation.” Often I will remember what Stacey taught me, change my course of action and have a much better result for my relationship than I would have had years ago and feel thankful.

I can’t think of a month that’s passed since we’ve done coaching with Stacey where there hasn’t been a moment where I’ve been grateful that she taught me something which changed my actions, which changed my relationship.

Thank You Stacey if you are watching this.

To everybody else, I hope you get to experience the same result when you do your coaching with Stacey. Listen, whether your relationship is in a tough spot, which many people are, you need this now.

And if your relationship is in a great spot, you need this now, because you don’t want to be in a great spot and then say, “it’s ok” and just set it on auto pilot. You always want to be making it better, you always want to be learning something new about your partner or your spouse.

And the truth is, your partner or your spouse doesn’t even need to be involved in the coaching, they don’t even need to be there. You just go do it and bring it back to your relationship! It’s great if they can go, I recommend it, but if they can’t you still should go! So if you’re thinking about doing something, just do it now.

I don’t even know what Stacey’s gonna charge for any of her stuff down the road, but I will tell you, whatever it is it’s NOT enough. I would pay an astronomical amount of money to get the information that I know Stacey brings to the table!

There is NOBODY better at Relationship Coaching than Stacey!

So do this retreat, do this event, if you get the chance to do that, if it doesn’t sell out before you can get the chance to click this button and buy that event!

I’m telling you that, as a client, I would highly recommend it!

So, good luck to you. And Stacey, thank you for all that you have done for myself, my wife Tatyana and our family! We love you!

Good luck everybody! Happy Loving in the future!
Stacey Martino is gonna Rock Your World….GET READY!”

– Jon Vroman, Founder,

jessica-drummond-relationship-developmentWe just celebrated our 13th anniversary … BUT we were stuck in one place

“What Stacey did for us was so valuable because even though though the answers she gave to our question was so simple, the path to getting there really strengthened our relationship because we walked through all the steps in her system. We made the decisions from a much stronger place of togetherness. Not only that, but we also started to have a lot more fun in our relationship!”

– Jessica Drummond, Founder

It’s a simple distinction but it changes everything…

“Before working with Stacey and Paul, my marriage just existed.  It was slowly withering, so slowly that I hardly noticed.  Nothing was obviously bad or wrong, but nothing was really happening either.  The program has gotten me to a place where I can see how this process happened, and how to change it.  It’s not always easy to change my ways, but it is always worthwhile.

There are so many amazing things that Stacey’s program has done for me in my marriage.  Very simply, I am able to recognize that my marriage is the most important thing in my life, and how great my life with my wife is, and how great it can become.

The biggest change that has occurred for me is that I feel responsible for my marriage.  Rather than taking it for granted or trying to ignore or shift blame for anything that might have gone wrong, I now feel responsible what has happened and what is happening now.  It’s a simple distinction but it changes everything, and I feel very fortunate to have made this change and to recognize how amazing and important my wife is.  She always was and I just couldn’t see it.”

– Tom Hannon, New Jersey

jennifer-miskiel-relationship-developmentFrom stuck in depression and anger to optimistic with joy in my heart!

“Every time I get off the phone with Stacey after one of our coaching calls, I am a better version of myself!!! She has helped me “fill up my tank” so that I have the willingness and desire to make positive changes in my marriage.

Before working with Stacey, I was playing the “blame game”. It was all my husband’s fault! I felt out of control, frustrated and helpless. I was stuck in a serious rut of depression and anger. I gave all of my energy to my daughter. I was burned out, disconnected and I did not have any energy for myself – let alone my husband!

Stacey helped me push through my own barriers so I could get out of my own way. I now see the role I play and the positive impact I can make all on my own!

I wake up with a renewed purpose for my life and actually feel joy in my heart!! I am optimistic about my relationship with my husband and I am so excited to participate in the Relationship Transformation Quick Start Program.  In the past five months, I have seen amazing results. I can only imagine what’s to come a year from now!”

– Jennifer Miskiel, Blue Bell, PA

Update from Jen:  From disconnected from my husband and alone to a level of intimacy that I always wanted!!!
“Participating in the Relationship Transformation Program has been a seriouslife-changer!  I used to feel so disconnected from my husband and so alone.  Now I feel the level of intimacy I have always wanted with my partner.  It is amazing!  I get so much out of the Relationship Transformation Program!  Since I am a visual person, I love watching the videos.
Watching Stacey’s animated nature bring life to the content keeps me engaged the entire time.  I look forward to new video content every month.

jill-davi-relationship-developmentAfter One Session with Stacey…Our Marriage Changed That Night!

“Stacey Martino’s relationship coaching is not gold, it’s not platinum, it’s URANIUM coaching … it’s that valuable!!  In just my first 30 minute session with her, I poured my heart out to her about a huge challenge I’d been having in my marriage that had been a challenge for us for  months.

What came next was nothing short of a miracle. I  thought my words were a big jumbled mess but she reflected back to me what was really going on.

In such a short amount of time she was able to get the heart of what the deeper challenge might be and she lovingly gave me the specific TOOLS to  resolve it.

Because she is a master coach, Stacey pulled the words right out of my heart after our session.  She’s trained to hear what’s NOT being said and helped me to authentically tell my husband how I was really feeling.  And let me tell you, that night, I bared my soul.   I was completely vulnerable in a way that he hadn’t seen in a long time. (Maybe ever…)

And with her guidance we moved through this challenge effortlessly.  No fighting, no arguments, just pure honest heart to heart love.  Our marriage changed that night. After four years, we experienced something completely different.

And Stacey gave me that.   She is the real deal. She has changed how I view my marriage , my husband and myself through her fearlessly loving guidance.  Thank you Stacey!!!  Love Jill (and Chris!!!) Davi”

– Jill Beirne Davi, Personal Finance Coach,

yasmin-nguyen-relationship-developmentWhat I love most about this program is that it really works!

“The Relationship Transformation Quick Start Program has been incredibly transformational for me.  Just a few months ago, I was struggling to understand why a relationship I was in ended so abruptly.  It impacted all aspects of my life including my business and I was quickly slipping into a cycle of depression. 

I chose to enroll in this program for 2 reasons.  First Stacey and Paul are incredible role models and experts in their fieldwho have invested significantly in their professional life experiencing and developing this program.  They literally “talk the walk” as they have been in our shoes.

The second reason is that this program is so well organized and is easy to follow.

What I love most about the program is that it really works.  In the short period that I have participated, each time I get so many amazing nuggets of wisdom through the content AND interaction (audio, calls and Q & A).  Stacey really is a MASTER in field and her content is so powerful.  

Most importantly, Stacey REALLY cares!!!!  I am so excited to be my best self and attract an amazing woman.  I know that this program has been and will continue to be instrumental in my personal growth.  I am SO GRATEFUL!!!  Thank you so much Stacey for creating a program that literally transforms lives.”

– Yasmin Nguyen, Founder & CEO, Vibrance Global

star-staubach-relationship-developmentThe initial modules alone were worth the price of the entire eight week program!

“When I came to Stacey, I KNEW that although my husband and I have something AMAZING in our relationship, I was also clear that with two children, another on the way and very busy lives, things were starting to feel more and more disconnected between the two of us.

We felt so busy and depleted. I knew we need a booster shot of PASSION, but I didn’t know where to start.

The Relationship Transformation Quick Start Program’s entrance price made it a NO brainer for me to get started right away. The initial modules ALONE were worth the price of the ENTIRE 8 week program!  The conversations, level of understanding, appreciation and passionate connection that were created out of working with Stacey is absolutely PRICELESS!

This shift in our connection to one another has even led to a change in our relationship with our children (we’re a TEAM) and our support for one another. And, beyond the first module, I’m the only one doing the RTQS program! My hubby has been too busy to keep up with it!

The one thing I wanted, deeper connection and intimacy, has been OFF of the charts after doing Stacey’s program! Our relationship is SO passionate, beautiful and exactly what I was seeking!!!

THANK you, Stacey, for making this so incredibly accessible for us and for thousands of other couples! Thinking of working with Stacey? I highly recommend it, she makes it simple, FUN and practical for YOUR situation! She knows her stuff and she is not afraid to share it!”

– Star Staubach, Aliveness Coach,

lisa-marie-rosati-stacey-relationship-developmentInvesting in Stacey and Paul’s program has been a relationship lifesaver.

“It was serendipitous timing the day I met Stacey and Paul Martino. My husband Mike and I were at a business training and Stacey and Paul were there too. Stacey and I had some people we knew in common, so we knew a bit about each other before we actually met in person. When I met Stacey and Paul it was like we knew each other forever and for lifetimes.

Mike and I spent a lot of time socializing with our lovely new friends and I remember watching Stacey and Paul interact. I started to think about my relationship with Mike, not in comparison way, but more of a “I want some of that” type of thing and I decided when I got home to visit the Love & Passion Coach website. I watched Stacey’s video and was blown over when she said that it doesn’t take two to tango to transform a relationship… she proclaimed that ONE PERSON can shift the relationship. I knew I loved Stacey before, but now she was speaking straight to me. Being a magical practitioner, I know first hand the power of an energetic shift, so I decided to invest in the program.

Listening to Stacey’s trainings was so eye-opening. I consider myself quite knowledgeable about men and relationships but the concepts that I heard from Stacey were new, fresh and exciting! As I listened, I began to understand so much more about the crucial differences between women and men, what triggers each of us in relationships and then I immediately began implementing the teachings and viola! Things began shifting for the better in my relationship with Mike immediately. Before Relationship Transformation, Mike and I were going toe to toe all the time in what felt like a constant power struggle. We were stuck in a cycle of bickering, blaming, speaking at each other and whenever we disagreed, it was his side versus my side. I knew we still loved each other but that wasn’t coming through all the time. When things were good they were good but when we disagreed… things got really unpleasant and all of our “nice” flew out the window.

In full transparency I have not completed the entire Relationship Transformation program and Mike and I are already in a whole different and better place. We are much more a team, there is much more peace and when we disagree, we are capable of holding on to our nice – we can actually communicate instead of whipping out our swords and bracing for battle! Our intimacy has magnified tenfold and Mike has even gotten a lot more frisky which I am totally enjoying! Our family life has become more loving and light-hearted, our teenage sons have told me that they notice the difference! I plan to continue listening to the curriculum and implementing as I go. Investing in Stacey and Paul’s program has been a relationship lifesaver. A few months ago I was at a place where I was really worried about Mike and I not making it. These days those doubts about splitting up are no where to be found, they are completely gone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Stacey and Paul!!”

– Lisa Marie Rosati, Creatrix of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan

irina-benedict-relationship-developmentFrom a struggling relationship to making a shift after just 30 minutes of coaching!

“I only know Stacey for a short time, but I feel like I know her forever. She constantly adds value to our Strategic Intervention coaching peer group. What is outstanding about Stacey is that anything she says is infused with love and this is also when she disagrees with you.

Her warmth and love comes through her comments. I was struggling in my relationship and when I felt Stacey’s warmth in one of her communications with me I started to cry and I felt drawn to speak with her.

She took my call although it was short notice, late in the day, she had her kids sick and her husband was away on business –this is how much she cares.

In the thirty minutes we talked she was able to give me very helpful insights and I made a shift that changed my relationship.

Since then, my relationship has never been better. I highly recommend Stacey to anyone that needs to understand what love is, she knows! Thank you Stacey, love you!”

– Irina Benedict, Founder,

rebekah-marler-relationship-developmentWithin our first session, she reframed a blockage I had been circling around my entire life!

“I made the decision to work with Stacey as a private client because I was starting a challenging consulting project and I didn’t want to get lost in the mix of ignoring my personal well being and my relationship. I remember telling her during our first get acquainted session, “I really don’t need to work on the love and passion stuff you teach, I just love the way you reframe situations and give people strategies, that’s what I want.”

No doubt she already knew what I would quickly discover. Little did I know what I had coming to me in a package called “a morning coaching call with Stacey Martino.”

Within our first session, she reframed a blockage I had been circling around my entire life, and opened the gateway for me to understand how love and passion starts with ME first. Working with Stacey has transformed my business and personal relationships from great to amazing and thriving. The best way I can describe the result of working with her for the past six months is that I feel like someone implanted additional space in my brain and love in my heart to generate solutions to problems, to be anchored to my higher purpose, and to be more present and connected to everyone in my life. Thank you Stacey for doing what you do! I love you!”

– Rebekah Marler, Founder,

I honestly don’t believe we would still be together if it wasn’t for Stacey

“I cannot recommend Stacey highly enough! Before talking to her my relationship was in trouble; in fact my man and I were on the verge of splitting up. I was convinced that our relationship couldn’t work because of his issues. With Stacey’s coaching, I was able to see how it was actually me who was scared of being vulnerable and committing myself.

After just one hour of coaching with Stacey, I not only discovered the courage to open myself up to love but I also gained the clarity that I have the power to create the relationship I want.

Stacey helped me to see men in a whole new light. And I have 6 brothers, so I thought I knew men!

My man and I have both recommitted to our relationship and have a depth of love and passion that is so much greater than it was before. The wonderful thing is that I am completely relaxed and confident with him now because I no longer feel the need to hold myself back. We are happier than ever! I honestly don’t believe we would still be together if it wasn’t for Stacey. She completely rocks!!”

– Victoria, London, UK

Update from Victoria:  Months later, she and her man are deeper in love and more passionate than ever before! They affectionately refer to Stacey as their “love fairy.”

tatyana-vroman-relationship-developmentThank you for giving me the tools to keep the relationship with my husband strong, playful, loving, fun, genuine, exiting, joyful and filled with positive emotions!

“I want to thank you for giving me the tools to keep the relationship with my husband strong, playful, loving, fun, genuine, exiting, joyful and filled with positive emotions!

I used to be so hard headed and thought that I must be right at all times. Since we began your Relationship Transformation Quick Start Program, I am able to let go of the need to be right and let the conversation flow.

This allows my husband to hear what I have to say and gives him the opportunity to say just what I need to hear at the right time for me to hear it. This is especially helpful when I am in doubt of myself and just need his love.

Understanding how different our thinking is and how different our needs are is so valuable in keeping our marriage strong. I would never get there without your coaching Stacey. Thank you so much!”

– Tatyana Vroman, Founder, Dances With Food

jen-heatly-stacey-relationship-developmentStacey gave me concrete tools, that WORK, to use in difficult times.  

“I’ve never had a second thought about it since.  I hung up after that first call with a sense of clarity and confidence that I had not had in a long time.

Stacey gave me concrete tools, that WORK, to use in difficult times.

Sure, sometimes I find myself going to that place of fear and self pity…but I am now learning the tools and tricks to get myself out of it…which is making me STRONGER.

And I’m having so many other benefits I wouldn’t have dreamed…I’m eating better, I’m getting my running back on track.  It’s a simple equation for me…when I’m feeling better and stronger…I want to feel even MORE confident and be even stronger!  Kind of like my Stacey drug!  :)”

– Jennifer Heatly,  Client Care Manager,

leyann-clarke-relationship-developmentYou will walk away knowing how to move forward to create the Love and Passion you desire!

“Recently, I had the pleasure of coaching with Stacey Martino, Love and Passion Coach. As a Coach myself, it is often difficult to see the “forest for the trees” (so to speak). When one is embroiled in personal issues, it is very helpful to get an impartial observer’s perspective.

I found Stacey to be gifted in her abilities as a Love and Passion Coach. Her warm personality allows one to feel safe and comfortable to open up and share personal challenges. In addition, Stacey was quickly ably to determine where the challenge was originating from and also how to overcome the challenge. She does it all without judgment. I have worked with other Coaches, and have not experienced the quick clarity that Stacey provides.

In summary, I highly recommend Stacey Martino. Stacey, through kindness and immense talent, will support you in overcoming any potential obstacles quickly and efficiently. And you will walk away from your time together knowing without a shadow of doubt how to move forward to create the Love and Passion that you desire!”

– Ley-Ann Clarke, Robbins Results Coach

Update from Ley-Ann:  After our session together, Ley-Ann transformed herself, and her relationship.  A few months later, her man proposed to her and they are getting married!!

sarah-schwab-relationship-developmentMy husband and I now have a love and connection that is unshakable… plus we have a blast together!

“When I came into contact with Stacey, I had a lot of exciting things going on in my life, but my marriage was not one of them. In fact, while I loved my husband dearly, our relationship had gotten put on the back burner. There was a lot going on, and our priorities were flipped around.

Honestly, it was really starting to get ugly. I knew that we weren’t heading in a good direction, but I didn’t know how to turn the ship around. The Relationship Transformation QuickStart program was an answer to my prayers. Stacey’s fun approach and upbeat personality pulled me right up. I implemented some of her strategies and I couldn’t believe what a HUGE difference it made. My husband and I now have a love and connection that is unshakable… plus we have a blast together! We just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary, and we were able to get away and had an amazing time! We continue to grow deeper and stronger together every day. The Quick Start program was perfect for me where I was. It has truly changed my life and my relationship. Thank you Stacey!”

– Sarah Schwab,

tiffany-kane-relationship-development20 Minutes Was All it Took!

“20 minutes on the phone – that was all it took for Stacey to completely turn my head around and see my situation from a completely different perspective. In that short amount of time she set me on a path of purposeful action which was no near where I was we started the call. She was laser focused, a great listener, and spot on with letting me know my next steps. Thanks Stacey! You are quite simply amazing!”

– Tiffany Kane, Founder,

laurie-philly-relationship-developmentAfter Just One Session…I already see a change in my relationship!

“Stacey, you truly are an amazing person—the hardest thing for me and probably most women is to open up to a total stranger to speak about their relationship, but something about speaking with you is so different. Theease of talking to you and opening up to you made my experience with you much more fulfilling.  You made methink outside the box and see my relationship in a whole different light.

I have spoken to many friends, complaining about my relationship and none of them made me realize what you made me realize about my relationship. Withjust one session with you, I have already seen a change in my relationship…you are amazing!!

I wish I would of known about you sooner! I cannot thank you enough! Thank you so much!”

– Laurie, Philadelphia, PA

Update from Laurie:  After just two sessions with me, Laurie transformed herself, and her relationship.  A few months later, her and her man bought their first home together!

quinn-eurich-relationship-developmentYou will walk away knowing how to move forward to create the Love and Passion you desire! Free from past triggers and able to be more open and vulnerable in the present!

“Anyone can listen to you and provide advice. It’s been my experience that few people really listen.  Fewer still have the skills to take the thread of what you’re saying and trace it back to where it’s tethered in your past. Not only does Stacey do that, but she helps you see the past from a new perspective and walks you through resolving it in the present.

And, her help doesn’t stop there. Stacey has this wonderful cornucopia of tips and techniques to help you keep progressing – to help you step outside of your usual ways of being and give yourself the chance to make new choices that better serve you, and ultimately those around you.

My work with Stacey has enabled me to step back and ask myself the intent behind the words someone is saying to me.  Instead of automatically reacting with fear and confusion, I can respond in more resourceful ways. As someone in a new relationship, being able to disengage from behaviors rooted in the past definitely helps me be more open and vulnerable in the present. And boy, has that helped our communication problems!

What I find most uplifting about working with Stacey is how her true desire to be of service comes through with love, laughter and a genuineness that cannot be mistaken.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity of working with her!”

– Quinn Eurich, Wethersfield, CT

Update from Quinn:  after just one session with me, Quinn’s transformation was so powerful that her man proposed and they are getting married!

From “not sleeping” to “very peaceful” in one short session!

“Yesterday I was feeling completely lost about how to win a man’s heart that I care about deeply. I couldn’t sleep. I was so upset about a recent meeting we had, and I didn’t know where to turn.

Thank heavens Stacey was there. With one short conversation, my outlook on the situation was completely transformed. I had been hopeless and angry, and suddenly I felt encouraged and peaceful. Very peaceful.

She helped me reframe the conversation I had with him and see that he really did care about me, but I just wasn’t speaking “man” language. I laughed at myself and realized that I could really turn the situation around.

The best part is that she explained that it all starts with me, which is something I can start working on right now.

She also helped me see that the love of a man is not something you can control and she made me laugh by saying, “If you want a love you can control, buy a puppy. “Sounds simple, but it made a huge impact on my heart and released me to see him in a totally new light.

Thank you so much Stacey! I really don’t know where I’d be without that short time we spent together yesterday. I would still be angry and lost, instead of hopeful and encouraged and looking forward to seeing him again.

You’re the best! I can’t wait to work with you again.”

– Rosie Bernardo, Los Angeles, CA

janet-johnson-relationship-developmentOne of the best decisions I have ever made!

“Hello! My name is Janet Johnson and my husband and I have been married for 10 years. I decided to sign up for Stacey’s program as an anniversary gift for both of us and this decision was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Before starting the program, I noticed how the stress of everyday life (his career as a busy feature producer, my life starting a new business, raising our beautiful 5 year old daughter, and raising our 6 month old son) was affecting our lives.

It was really weighing us down and we didn’t have much time together anymore. Everyday, by the time all of those “life’s important demands” stopped, it was 11 PM and time to get to bed. No conversations…no connection. I wanted time alone but thought, “He’s going to think I’m silly asking for a date.”

After being in Stacey’s RTQS program, I realized this wasn’t the case. We talked and realized that we BOTH really wanted and needed to spend tons of alone time together. It wasn’t silly! We needed to make it priority. One of the most significant improvements in our lives has been our ability to say to each other, “I need to spend private time with you.” We’ve been going out on spontaneous dates and something as small as a trip to the grocery store or a drive around the block (to talk and to have a breather) have been such gifts. My husband and I are closer than ever and this has meant the world to me and my family.”

– Janet Johnson, Founder,

lily-stay-relationship-developmentThanks to this program I am experiencing the deepest, most committed love relationship of my adult life!

“Stacey Martino has such an incredible approach to healthy, loving, passionate relationships. I can’t believe I was so lucky to learn about RTQS at the beginning of my relationship.

Thanks so this program, I have started my big, passionate love relationship from the START with the tools I need to sustain and grow love. This program is totally a habit buster, and my partner has REALLY been enjoying the suggestions. Even as our relationship goes deeper, we’re not getting complacent, just closer and more passionate.

Before starting the program I had a lot of fear about committing to my partner, not knowing if I really had what it took to communicate and relate to my love in a way that would deepen our love. I had a lot of wounds and fear, and I knew when I spoke to Stacey on the phone that she was teaching from a very authentic place.

Thanks to this program I am experiencing the deepest, most committed love relationship of my adult life. I’ve cut through a ton of fear and learned how to relate with integrity. No games and LOTS of fun! I count Stacey and RTQS among my blessings every day.”

– Lily Starling, CMT, Founder,

shan-white-relationship-developmentI can be the person I always dreamed of being.

“Before starting the program, I felt justified in my recent divorce.  It was very simple, I mostly did everything right and he mostly did everything wrong.

Since participating in the RTQS program, I have come to realize that I had more to do with the downfall of my marriage then I ever realized.  And this was a good thing!  Why? Because, I would be devastated if I brought those patterns into my next intimate relationship too!  Transforming myself empowers me to now live my life by design and not by default.

The most significant improvement I am already enjoying for myself is the hope that I can be the person I always dreamed of being. And if I ever have the blessed opportunity to marry again, I will be that person to him, for him and for ME!”

– Shan White, Strategic Coach, Colorado Springs, CO

I have shifted my perception which has improved our communication and allowed me to let go of past hurts.

“I feel so blessed to be part of the Relationship Transformation Program. What I have learned from Stacey over the last several months has truly changed my life. For the first time in YEARS I feel that not only can my marriage be saved but that my husband and I can move forward in a VERY POSITIVE direction.

Understanding the fundamental differences between men and women has helped me to step back and appreciate where my husband is coming from versus internalizing something in a negative way. I have shifted my perception which has improved our communication and allowed me to let go of past hurts.For the first time in my marriage, I feel empowered to move forward knowing that I have the skills and knowledge that I need to create a happy marriage. Thank you Stacey!!”

– Amy, Roundhill, VA

Her eight step relationship transformation program is indispensable.

“Stacey has an amazing grasp of the details of the dynamics between men and women. She has shed a bright light on what is really going on in mine and my wife’s relationship making what is going on crystal clear. It’s amazing. I look forward to my phone calls with her for insight and direction.

Her eight step relationship transformation program is indispensable. My marriage had deteriorated, we were living separately and I didn’t see it working out. I can see now with clarity what happened. I now have a greater understanding of who my spouse is and what’s really going on between us. Ergo, today we have a better relationship even though we are far from being out of the proverbial woods. I also have a better handle of the many aspects of who I am as a man and a partner.”

– Pete, Lemont, Illinois

theresa-derderian-relationship-developmentI implemented your tools and began to see big changes in a short amount of time!

“I decided to take the plunge into Stacey’s program shortly after my husband joined me in my business, knowing that our relationship was going to be more important than ever.It was a fabulous decision. Stacey helped me understand how some of my husband’s “wiring” was a function of his purely and simply being a man (I have historically rebelled against any such notion).

Even more significantly, once I understood and truly appreciated these qualities, it was liberating and brought us closer together. This was a DOUBLE BONUS: I was freed from some self-created madness, and I felt more connected to him in the process.

What I did NOT expect as a result of the program was that my relationships with each of my parents would become easier and less draining. (Evidently I had a lot of baggage I was not conscious of and didn’t know how to deal with!) The tool Stacey developed that made this possible is “Right Hand, Left Hand.” She has a way of explaining her amazing insights and tools in a very simple way, so that her clients can implement them and begin to see big changes in short amounts of time. Stacey, thank you for following your passion to help us create ours!”

– Theresa Derderian, Yardley, PA

The results have been shocking; a level of passion and intimacy that I didn’t know was really missing!

“I found Stacey and Paul through my parenting expert and I joined the Quick Start Program, which was huge for me. Two weeks after purchasing the program, my mother in law became very ill and was hospitalized. She went to heaven 2 months later after a very difficult struggle. This program became a lifeline for me to “fill myself up,” to better love my husband , myself, his family, and our children ages 1 and 4.

Our relationship has always been loving, but it was lacking something I didn’t even know it was missing…Passion. We hadn’t gone on a date in about 6 months. We just figured that was one of the things you sacrifice when your children are young, when time and money are short.

But, once we hit S-Flirt, we have been on several dates, and we’re planning more. I am proud of this fact because finances and time are so tight, we’ve had to get creative. Stacey offered some great ideas, and we’re working toward the “family team up.” We have a perfect family on board, and are currently arranging our schedules. We’ve also decided to have “lunch” dates, just a few minutes together, but it’s truly life changing. And my husband doesn’t even know yet, but I’ve arranged a date for him, doing something we’ve never done, going someplace I KNOW he is dying to go for the day after I return from The Relationship Breakthrough Retreat. SO EXCITED for that!

The results have been shocking; a level of passion and intimacy that I didn’t know was really missing. To be honest, I thought that was just a fleeting thing that existed with the “bad guy” from your twenties, and something you compromised on when you met the right person who you really loved.

Our motto has always been “open, honest, real,” but this material has given me tools to be MORE “open, honest, and real” by learning more about myself and my partner. The material about moving into our true feminine or masculine nature, and understanding and appreciating the differences between men and women was HUGE for me. I also regularly use the forgiveness tools in all areas of my life. I’ve experienced so many shifts, so many aha moments; I can’t begin to list them. Even my husband, who was initially resistant, has begun to notice the differences, which is B-I-G! We still have struggles, life still gets “in the way” and I constantly need to return to this material to renew and to grow, but I now know that there are amazing heights that I didn’t know existed and our center of gravity has changed.

We navigate through upsets better and faster, and we return to intimacy faster after periods of distance. I’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude for the changes we’ve experienced, and just I can’t wait to reach the next level. This has been an awesome journey. It’s been fun, exciting, and jam packed full of amazing content. There are things that I still need to fully implement, but there is nothing in this program that has failed to work, or that is at odds with my spiritual beliefs. In fact, I feel that it has helped me to generally love at a higher level. There is no doubt that Stacey and Paul really, truly, deeply care about changing people’s intimate relationships, and in turn children’s lives. But, more than that, there is no doubt that they care about changing MY life. That’s why I’m going to the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat live event!

Thank you Stacey and Paul for the changes you have made possible for me, and the ones that are yet to come!!”

– Nicole from Pennsylvania

devorah-relationship-developmentNow I have specific tools to do that and love using them to add more fun and passion to our lives!

“I was at a point in my life where I was ready for a big change, when my friend sent me the link to your Valentine’s Day Video. When I saw that, something just clicked for me, and, as I am a “go-with-your-gut” type of person, I signed up for your Relationship Breakthrough Retreat. At that point in my life, I was so happy with the, thank G-d, blessed life that my husband and I built together, through thick and thin. But I wasn’t happy.

I was waking up in the morning and my first thought would be “Uuugh, gotta get the kids out.” I wasn’t excited to start my day. I am positive and loving and this was confounding for me. How could we have built the life we love and then not behappy to live it? After I heard Stacey, I realized the difference, and the connection, between happy and passion. I was missing passion from my life.

I loved the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat. I live in Israel, so the time difference was difficult, but I cleared the decks and soaked it up! I took tons of notes, and review them as I go through life now. So much of what Stacey and Paul taught resonated with me. So often I thought, “this is stuff we should all be learning in kindergarten – it would save us all so much
heartache.” My husband and I have been through tough times. We have gone through the fire and come out on the other side stronger and solid and closer than ever. The Relationship Breakthrough Retreat gave me tools we can all use to up the notch a level – we can all strive for better and closer, and now I have specific tools to do that and love using them to add more fun and passion to our lives!

With all I learned at the RBR, and with my readiness for change in my life, I have taken huge bold steps to make passion a part of my every day. Now I am excited for tomorrow even before I go to bed at night. Getting the kids out may still be a challenge, but I greet it with a better mindset and tons of excitement for what my day will bring.

Thank you Stacey and Paul for all you taught and continue to teach me through your unique wisdom and tools! Mwah!”

– Devorah from Israel

amanda-laden-relationship-developmentStacey helped me to shift my own perspective…

“Before I started the Relationship Quickstart program, I was unsure as to whether or not my relationship could sustain the long haul. My boyfriend and I have a significant age difference (him being younger), and I had concerns about our different life stages, and if the age difference would prove to be too difficult in the long-term.

Despite society’s views on our age difference, Stacey made it clear to me that it doesn’t matter, as long as we are fully committed to each other. Stacey helped me to shift my own perspective – to change how I viewed our relationship, and to take responsibility for how I was not giving our relationship the full level of dedication and commitment it deserved.

Thanks to the Love and Passion Coach, my boyfriend and I keep going from strength to strength. As a result of what I have learned, and the changes I have made within myself, we have grown as a couple, so much so that we have recently moved in together, making a bigger commitment towards our future, our ever-growing love, and our lives together!

I am proof positive that your partner doesn’t even need to know that you are participating in the program. To this day, my boyfriend still doesn’t know that I received guidance from the Love and Passion Coach. The only thing that is important to him and our relationship is that I have made positive improvements in terms of my outlook towards our relationship (No more, “How can this ever work with our age difference”). In fact, he tells me he loves me more and more everyday. What he doesn’t know is that by following the curriculum, I have grown stronger in my resolve to love myself and to commit to us. By making the choice to do this, his level of commitment to us, and his love for me has also grown, without him knowing the reasons why!”

– Amanda Laden, Life Mastermind Expert & Creator of Kick-Ass Experiences,

amy-kazor-relationship-developmentThe night unfolded in ways I could not have imagined and the passion was reignited so powerfully… it took my breath away. He even thanked me for it.

As an entrepreneur that spends her day project planning, managing details, and getting things done, it is hard for me to let go of that mindset and surrender. This past weekend, inspired by Stacey’s words about polarity, I forced myself to let my man take the masculine lead. I let him guide me through the door, I told him what I wanted for dinner and let him order for me… I softened. I opened. They were simple things. I simply let go of the lead I work so hard to normally have, and allowed him to have it.

Magic happened. The night unfolded in ways I could not have imagined and the passion was reignited so powerfully… it took my breath away. He even thanked me for it. He said, “I am not sure what happened last night but I didn’t feel like I was with Amy the business owner, I felt like I was with Amy, my wife. Thank you.”  Powerful stuff. I didn’t know I was showing up as a project manager so often in my marriage. Thank you, Stacey Martino, for sharing your powerful message with the world and showing me how to reignite the passion!

– Amy Kazor, Northville, MI

shelley-riutta-relationship-developmentThere is SO much support to make profound shifts in such a short amount of time.

I signed on to work with Stacey simply because I wanted want she and Paul have! 🙂 I saw so clearly the level of connection they had and it was captivating and so rare. I had moments of that in my relationship with my Fiancée and I wanted much more! I knew that if I wanted to create that in my own relationship that Stacey and Paul were the ones to work with. My Fiancée and I work together in my business and we were bumping up against dynamics between us that were very stressful and painful.

We have had an AMAZING experience working with Stacey and Paul in the RelationshipU Program. There is SO much support to make profound shifts in such a short amount of time. The tools and strategies have helped us navigate challenges with so much more ease and grace and truly appreciate each other. I have had such profound experiences of deep connection with my Fiancée, beyond anything I have ever experienced before. And I know we have just scratched the surface and will be working with Stacey and Paul again because we want to keep going to the next level in our relationship and what they have brought together in the program TRULY transforms relationships such a magical level. Thank you Stacey and Paul for your dedication and passion for sharing all that you have learned with the world!!!

– Shelley Riutta

jen-forsyth-relationship-developmentI have learned how to recover from past hurts, effectively communicate with my husband, and am now enjoying a VERY passion-filled relationship.

Before I started working with Stacey, my husband and I were sleeping in separate bedrooms. We were strangers to each other and had no idea even how to talk to each other even though love and caring were still there. Through the work I have done in this program I have learned how to recover from past hurts, effectively communicate with my husband, and am now enjoying a VERY passion-filled relationship.

I love feeling crazy about my husband! We have so much fun with each other now. We have dates, and hand holding, and cuddling, and laughter, and flirting, and just a deep soul satisfying happiness with each other.

I want to say in a word, S-E-X, but that really falls short of the whole story because it makes it seem like it’s only about the physical act. It is so much deeper and amazing than that. It’s about a level of intimate connection with my husband that I never dreamed was possible. The intimacy and passion that I now experience in my relationship is what puts a sparkle in my eye, a smile on my face, and a spring in my step even when my husband isn’t next to me. This feeling fuels me all day every day and provides me with an inner peace where I go through my day feeling much more relaxed and content.

Knowing that my husband is first in my life and that I am first in his makes it very easy to see what’s important, what’s less important, and what’s not important at all. This helps me especially in my business. I used to try and be a people pleaser all the time, but now I have clearer priorities and am a much more effective leader with my employees. This allows me to spend more time doing what I love while getting the support I need and far less time managing.

– Jen Forsyth