That Same Old Fight… AGAIN

All the familiar emotions rush to the surface…

The pit in the stomach, the clenched jaw, the dull ache behind the eyes…

Here it comes… another fight.

It feels like you’ve had this same fight close to a gazillion times already… and you feel hopeless… like nothing ever changes.

It’s time to make that cycle STOP.

In Relationship Development® we teach a tool called The Space within the Moment™ and it will help you break that cycle.

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Do you want to live in an unshakeable love, where nothing and nobody can come between you?
  • Do you want to be loved for your most authentic self – the REAL you… the parts you feel are lovable and the parts that you’re worried are unlovable too?
  • Do you want the fun and playfulness back?
  • Do you want insanely hot sex with your partner beyond your wildest dreams?

You know how that happens? That happens in the space within the moment.

See, your BRAIN is designed for SURVIVAL. It’s designed to keep you alive and protect you.

Growth, fulfillment, meaning? Your brain is not wired for those things – it doesn’t have the answers for you.

Your HEART has those answers.

See, the heart was not designed to just SURVIVE…

Your heart and your soul were designed to THRIVE.

Those questions you just answered are not survival questions – they’re about THRIVING.

Your brain has patterns that are wired for protection – they’re triggers, knee-jerk reactions… you know them and you experience them all day.

In the moment, there’s a trigger and you react. And when you react unconsciously or negatively, it doesn’t feel like there was a choice.

But the truth is, EVERYTHING is a choice… and you can choose to either REACT or RESPOND.

REACTION is life by DEFAULT, responding out of brain… out of trigger… out of SURVIVAL.

RESPONDING is life by DESIGN, following your heart, your spirit… creating a life by design.

It doesn’t feel like there’s a choice because you’ve conditioned yourself so well, repeatedly over the years, that it’s a knee-jerk response for you to react.

But the truth is, there is a space within the moment when you can STOP yourself from running your old patterns and the reactions you’ve had.

Because what you do in the next moment is either going to build up your rock-solid relationship and build toward your unleashed passion…

Or it’s going to break it down.

It happens in the space within the moment.

If you’re living unconsciously and living in reaction, that space within the moment feels almost like there’s no space there at all.

Relationship Development work is about finding that space within the moment when there’s a decision to be made… and MAXIMIZING it to give yourself enough space to make a CHOICE.

Do you have a trigger that always seems to result in the same fight, over and over again? Comment and tell me where in that reaction pattern you can STOP and maximize the space within the moment to make a new choice and a new decision.

You’ve got this,


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