The Aisle of Pink Nightmare

If you’re in a long-term relationship, you’ve been there…

You ask your man to hit the grocery store on the way home from work to pick up a few things.

He’s working his way through your list – produce, check; frozen stuff, check; soup, got it – and then…

Uh-oh. Feminine hygiene products… gotta visit The Aisle of Pink Nightmare.

But he ducks into that aisle, grabs what you need, and then gets out as fast as he can… because he loves you (and maybe a little because he knows that if you’ve asked him to grab this stuff, this may NOT be a good day to “forget” that part of the list).

Now, what if you were to ask him to help you talk through the pros and cons of tampons vs. pads?

NOT GONNA HAPPEN – even if this is a bad day to say no!

Guys just aren’t wired to want to talk at length about certain things.

Guess what?

One of those things… is RELATIONSHIPS.

Imagine this phone call between your man and one of his guy friends…

“Hey Tom, what are you doing today? I thought I’d come over and talk to you about your relationship for a couple hours. Tell me about what’s going on – catch me up! What do you think? I’ve got three hours… we could hang out, you can tell me about your feelings, the latest developments…”

Tom, on the other end of that call, has suddenly realized there is something VERY IMPORTANT he has to do.

See, men don’t start off thinking about their relationships, talking about their feelings, and empathizing with their friends, the way women do. That’s an extra HURDLE they have to get over that women don’t have!

But the problem most couples run into is…

The traditional relationship-fixing industry has been wrapped in a FEMININE wrapper. It’s based on resolving problems by talking about feelings.

Your man may be looking for answers, but he’s only seeing the feminine wrapper… and he’s going to avoid that like it’s a feminine hygiene product.

So men get into relationships and find themselves frustrated… because they’re in a dynamic they can’t figure out!

That’s why what Paul and I do at Relationship Development® is SO DIFFERENT.

Paul and I invented this methodology ourselves over the last 19 years. We have used our process to help save over 10,000 marriages and transform tens of thousands more.

We do NOT talk about your feelings for hours on end!

We do NOT allow any man-bashing!

We do NOT cry and yell or fight!

And we do NOT do any couple’s work! (Couple’s work is DESTROYING marriages.)

Instead, we’ve created an 8-step system and hundreds of real-life tools you can implement to SOLVE the challenges in your relationship. 

The icing on the cake? Paul and I teach EVERYTHING in our programs and events TOGETHER!

Paul teaches the masculine and I teach the feminine… Because YOU NEED BOTH!

You must have BOTH the masculine and feminine perspective in order to SOLVE your relationship challenges.

When men just work with other men – that solves NOTHING! You don’t need to “check in with” other guys – they are going to see it the SAME way as you!

When women just work with other women – that solves NOTHING! Women are just going to agree with you, because they see it the same way as you. There’s no huge value there.

It’s when we get to learn the feminine and masculine together…

When we get to learn how to RELATE to the feminine and the masculine…

When we learn NEW real-life tools that we can lean to RELATE to the other person in a way that is EFFECTIVE for all of us…

THAT’S where the POWER is.

Are you ready to SOLVE the kerfuffles in your relationship?

Are you ready to take your relationship to the NEXT LEVEL?

Are you ready to become UNSHAKEABLE?

Paul and I have been teaching people how to achieve unshakeable love and unleashed passion for years!

It’s a SKILL SET and it can be learned!

We are offering a content-packed FREE training class where you can start to get the skill set that you need to create your unshakeable love and unleashed passion.

This is NOT couple’s work. (Couple’s work doesn’t work.) This is just for you!

Register here:

We’ve got you BOTH covered,


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