The Invisible Force That Is Killing Your Relationships

Imagine you have a friend who, without fail, crashes every car they drive.

Maybe they flunked driver’s ed, maybe they’re jinxed–who knows!

The point is, without fail, if they get behind the wheel of that car, that car’s got a date with a tow truck and an auto body shop.

That being the case, can we agree it’d be freaking nuts for you to even let them drive your car…much less hand them the keys and demand that they drive it?

And it’d be even more nuts to then get pissed off at them for wrecking the car…when we knew it was going to happen, and we still shoved the keys in their hand and insisted they drive it?

It’s cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!

But when it comes to their own happiness, that’s exactly what so many people in today’s world do in their relationships.

We stomp around believing other people exist to “make” us happy. 

And when they don’t, we get pissed and decide they need to change before happiness can be ours.

But every time we insist our happiness can only come about if someone else changes, we’re willingly handing our car keys over to that person we know will crash our car, and demanding that they drive it.

It’s crazy!

No one else was put on this earth to “make” you happy, and when you walk around expecting it from them, you’re willingly invoking an invisible force that is, without fail, DESTROYING your relationships, just like your jinxed friend is destroying cars.

We’re all taught from day one to utilize this force, so it’s no wonder most of us don’t realize how destructive and useless it is.

Even Paul and I used to invoke it–multiple times a day–because, like most people, we didn’t understand the damage it was causing.

The most insidious part about this invisible force is, unless you shine a light on it so you can see it for what it really is, and then you stop invoking it, NOTHING Paul and I have to teach you will do jack squat for your relationships.

That’s right–not even one of the hundreds of tools in our toolbox will do any good for your relationships. That’s how destructive this invisible force is.

In episode four of our Relationship Transformer podcast, which you can listen to  by clicking here, Paul and I are going to shine a light on this invisible force, so you can finally see it for the wrecking ball it is.

I can’t even begin to tell you how critical it is that you listen to this podcast episode.

The success of your current relationships and all future relationships depends on it.

Here’s the link to listen:

Sending love,


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