(video) There is just NO PLEASING some people!

In today’s video I teach you a KEY strategy that we teach our students…the difference between Giving and Pleasing! This is not just impacting your love relationship, it is impacting ALL your relationships…and probably every day!

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8 thoughts on “(video) There is just NO PLEASING some people!

  1. Hi
    Isn’t giving a form of pleasing. When we give it pleases someone. I guess what you mean is keep the intention to giving without expecting a return? Giving all together is a humbling act. it usually does please others so then it becomes pleasing…they seem interconnected.

    Lots of love

    1. It’s an energetic distinction Iram. From the outside, the actions can look the same, but energetically GIVING from a place of abundance is very different than taking action you don’t want to take to “please” others.
      While others may ENJOY your giving….you weren’t doing it for the sake of “pleasing”. Thanks for sharing here!

  2. Paul and Stacey,
    Congratulations on the new brand name. That’s fantastic.

    I love your distinction between pleasing and giving and that the actions can look exactly the same yet the energy behind it is completely different. What a great reframe!

    I am sure it will help many people, as it did me.

  3. I watched this video last night and again today. This really resonated with me. Definitely an “aha moment”. I’m constantly trying to please and consistently feel unrewarded… which is incredibly disheartening and super frustrating! Mindset shift…

    1. SO thrilled this served you so much Sarah!!! Good for you for continuing to embrace this mindset shift! Sending love!

  4. Stacey, WOW, what a difference this makes! Great video training, I am truly a believer in giving yet you just clearly explained how I was going about it! Yes, there have been many times that I just wanted to please someone and your results are spot on! Thank you for this Insight and I love the new name!

    1. So thrilled you loved this Eileen! And thank you for your love and support on our new name and brand!!! Congrats on your book this week darling! Sending love!

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