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Here are your Book Bonuses for

The Miracle Morning for Transforming Your Relationship!


Bonus: 5 Step Forgiveness Process PDF

Click here to download this PDF of Paul and Stacey’s 5 Step Forgiveness Process

Bonus: Brick Conversations! (Video & Workbook)

Watch this video as Stacey teaches you how to successfully navigate the most challenging relationship conversations in a way that builds a strong foundation!

Click the image below to download this handy Brick Conversations Workbook! Print it out and use it to practice creating your brick conversations until it becomes second nature for you!


Bonus: Masculine and Feminine Energy! (And Salad vs Garbage)

In this video, Stacey teaches you about Salad vs Garbage, and other powerful passion tools! Then watch as Stacey and Paul teach and demonstrate feminine and mature masculine energy!

Next Steps!

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