(video) Do you feel stuck because of your partner?

I made this new 5 minute video for you here teaching something that you can use in your love relationship and all relationships!

Blame is a tricky thing…..it actually causes damage for YOU and not the other person!  Watch this video to discover how to get UNstuck….

Creating positive change even when you feel STUCK because of your partner is something we teach our students to do all the time! It’s extremely empowering and freeing to have the skill to create change and progress where you would have felt stuck before!

Post a comment below the video and let me know what you get from this strategy!

Sending love,


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6 thoughts on “(video) Do you feel stuck because of your partner?

  1. Great video, Stacey! When I listen to many of my friends complaining about their husband’s behavior, I always tell them THEY need to break the cycle by changing something. They are caught in a vicious cycle. You just proved my point! So important for us to remember. Thanks!

    1. Amen Stacy! That is the truth!!! We are absolutely the trigger!! Happy to help you prove your point sweetie! Sending love!

  2. So true!!! You know I have a lot to learn, but sometimes when I am headed off track, I hear Stacey voice saying one of these nuggets and it helps me get back on track! You will not regret the investment you make in this retreat. I went last year,and it was Amazing! I still keep in touch with several Lovies as we support each other through real life, and I look forward to when I can join another event or program. Stacey and Paul are unparalleled. Love you guys!

  3. Love you Nicole!!! I'm so thrilled to serve you! Having you at the event last year was a blessing! Your laugh is a GIFT for me!! 😉 Looking forward to seeing you again soon!!! MUAH! Love you!

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