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(video) Get more “Happy” and less “Kerfuffle” this holiday….

Stacey Martino

Happy Holidays!!! We are so excited to be in the holiday season!

In today’s video I am giving you a KEY strategic tool to help you navigate the holidays with family and friends and avoid unnecessary Holiday Kerfuffle! Yes, there’s a special flavor of kerfuffle that come up just at the holidays!

Watch today’s video to learn the strategy that we teach our students! You can use this strategy immediately to shift your love relationship and all your relationships!

Day in and day out I hear from our students and clients about kerfuffle situations around the holidays! A lot of it has to do with who you are trying to please, taking on too much to accommodate others, and trying to be everything to everyone.

In today’s video I teach you a clear and direct strategy for how to make decisions around the holidays in a way that will help your relationship….not hurt it!

Watch the video, comment and share!

Happy Holidays!!!


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