(video) Get more “Happy” and less “Kerfuffle” this holiday….

Happy Holidays!!! We are so excited to be in the holiday season!

In today’s video I am giving you a KEY strategic tool to help you navigate the holidays with family and friends and avoid unnecessary Holiday Kerfuffle! Yes, there’s a special flavor of kerfuffle that come up just at the holidays!

Watch today’s video to learn the strategy that we teach our students! You can use this strategy immediately to shift your love relationship and all your relationships!

Day in and day out I hear from our students and clients about kerfuffle situations around the holidays! A lot of it has to do with who you are trying to please, taking on too much to accommodate others, and trying to be everything to everyone.

In today’s video I teach you a clear and direct strategy for how to make decisions around the holidays in a way that will help your relationship….not hurt it!

Watch the video, comment and share!

Happy Holidays!!!


p.s. What questions do you have for us? As we start to plan our weekly strategy videos for the coming months, we would love to hear from you! What challenges are you having? What questions would you like to see us answer?? Hit reply and tell us….we just might make a video answering YOUR question!!

6 thoughts on “(video) Get more “Happy” and less “Kerfuffle” this holiday….

  1. Hi,

    Well said. But there are many Asian cultures out there who include parents as the primary family. Particularly for the males. These cultural trends does make primary family a bit more complex. The in-laws are unwillingly added in the primary group. What is your suggestions to creating a unshakable love while having additional people in the picture. I know many Asian families in the United States where the mother-in-law lives with the son, his wife, and children because that is considered the son’s responsibility. Therefore, the couple makes the adjustment and the sacrifices. So for these families there maybe a different approach????maybe 🙂

    1. Hi Iram. Is this the situation for your family?
      In my experience, I’ve been blessed to serve thousands of people around the world from every culture with many “complications”, and in all my work over the years, the need for a husband and wife to want to be #1 in their partner’s eyes is a universal HUMAN need. Regardless of culture. Love is a HUMAN language and defies all cultural differences. No matter who I have worked with and what the cultural complication…..all partners have always desired to be #1 in their lovers world…above all else. And when that is NOT the case, there is unhappiness.
      Yes, in come cultures, there are complexities. In some families there are the same exact complexities regardless of culture.
      In my experience, you can still prioritize your partner and children first, while being responsible for and to others. The two committed partners, aligned as a team, can “together” serve their family members that they are responsible for and to….just as they serve their children as an indivisible team. But internally, the two partners are still prioritized above all else.
      I’m not sure if you are asking because this is your family dynamic or you are just curious. But I hope this served you. As an international coach and mentor, this is a question I receive often.
      Sending love

  2. Our family is small now (many deaths in the family recently). The people who caused this Kerfluful are not here. However should my daughter's family move to the same city our solution would be inclusion to all events or activities.

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