[video] how to avoid that nasty “kick-you-in-the-gut” surprise…

Holy Crap on a Cracker! It’s JUNE!!!!!! WHHAAAT?!?!

When did that happen??

Before you know it this year will be over….BAM! You know how it is….you BLINK and it’s the holiday season!

And at the end of this year, when you look back at 2016….what will you say? What will you feel? Will you be PROUD? Will you be DELIGHTED?  Will you feel OVERJOYED?

How you feel at the end of the year is a result of the ACTION you take during the year my friend!

It’s time to take action! If you’ve been waiting….STOP waiting!

If you’ve been blaming…STOP blaming!

A better relationship (or the right one) isn’t going to spontaneously appear in the middle of your day! It’s super-crazy-rare for people to get POSITIVE surprises that transform their lives.

But you know what is very common? When we wait around for things to “get better”….it’s super common to have those nasty “kick-you-in-the-gut” surprises.

“Things only coast in one direction…down.” – Dr Howie Cohen

It’s time to take action!

Maybe for you, that action is to register to come to our Relationship Breakthrough Retreat? Maybe that action is something else….whatever it is…DO SOMETHING TODAY and stop waiting around for things to change!

Paul and I made a video for you about this….Paul is VERY passionate about “taking your power back”….watch the video!

Sending love,

p.s. if you are thinking about coming to Relationship Breakthrough Retreat…it’s only 8 weeks from now! Register here: http://RelationshipBreakthroughRetreat.com