(video) How to handle it when YOU are ready and your partner is NOT!

In today’s video I’m sharing a strategy that you can use in your love relationship, and all relationships! It’s all about how to handle it when you are ready for something and your partner is not!

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If you are in a dating relationship right now, you definitely need to watch this! I help people every week who would have “imploded” a perfectly good relationship because they did not know how to properly navigate the non-committed phase of relationship (one of the toughest phases of relationship to master).

So many people in dating relationships are on different “time-lines” in their commitment. And until you hear the strategy in today’s video, you may “blow up” a perfectly great relationship because you don’t yet know how to navigate it when that happens!

And if you are in a committed love relationship, there are still plenty of times when you are ready for something and your partner “isn’t quite there yet.” You also must learn how to navigate those times, for the good of your relationship, and for your own individual happiness levels!

Watch today’s video, post a comment and share it!

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p.s. We are changing our name! Love & Passion Coach is becoming RelationshipDevelopment.Org

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13 thoughts on “(video) How to handle it when YOU are ready and your partner is NOT!

  1. ??????
    we have been living at my dad’s house since May.
    1. the bank had to approve the short sale
    2. we had painters, roofers, and now contractor work on putting tile, plumbing, and he doesn’t work or now he was in a car accident
    3. my daughter uttered your words.
    4. I must change.?

  2. 1. Aren’t there parameters I should set?
    2.Tell him I will find someone else …this is not practical because I have paid him

  3. Stacey I love this video about honoring each other's timing. I have been the emploder and the emplodee and neither serves the desire for unshakable love. This concept has been so challenging for me personally and I think I'm finally getting it! Love you and your wisdom so much. Thank you.

  4. This is great advice (as always) my dear friend Stacey – and helpful for me to consider regarding some recent breakdowns! Thanks so much for your consistent inspiration, and focus with 'listening' to the needs of all of us! Sending hugs and love!

  5. Stacey,
    I so enjoy your videos and tips! I am in a new relationship but I am not ready emotionally to have sex and of course he says he understands but pushes the envelope just a little. I know men understand the word, honor, so the next opportunity I have I will talk about honoring my space until I am ready. I think he will understand if I use terms he can relate to. Thanks for this video!!

  6. I am loving your makeup and new hairstyle! And the new byline – website! The message even reaches me in my marriage of course- we are always – mostly- in dif places- and that is ok- a great reminder! Thank you.

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