[video] is your LOVE killing your PASSION?!

WHOO HOOOOO! Holy crap on a cracker! Tuesday’s LIVE Bonus Day was AMAZING!!!!! On Tuesday Paul and I welcomed a small group of Lovies to a LIVE Bonus Day with us where we did laser coaching for them all day…..and it was so powerful, fun and life transforming!!!!

I deeply hope that one day YOU get to come to one of our Live Bonus Days!

But YOU do NOT have to MISS OUT!

TOMORROW….. Paul and I are doing a Live Stream event at Noon Eastern! You can attend from anywhere in the world….so you don’t have to miss out on being with us!

Can you come? (REGISTER HERE)

Paul and I will be teaching all about how to get the passion and desire back in your relationship, even if you are too tired, too busy and “not in the mood”!

In this weeks video, I’m teaching you the common but SURPRISING dynamic between Love and Passion…..watch the video and I’ll see you tomorrow on the live stream!!

Sending love,

4 thoughts on “[video] is your LOVE killing your PASSION?!

  1. Love this Stacey!!!! It gives me strength to pursue MY passions and know that I’m helping my relationship by doing so rather than feel guilty about changing so much. My husband and I have the same education and have shared the same profession for years. Just last weekend I started yoga teacher training and I’m SOOO glad I didn’t put this on hold until next year! Thank you for this fuel to further inspire me! LOVE YOU!!! XOXOXO
    PS – How do you send just the right inspiration at just the right time???

  2. Woah! I can really see that all over through out society!
    I want to make changes ASAP!
    I’m grateful for how simply Stacy describes everything.
    This is what’s going on and how this is how you can approach this!

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