(video) same sh#t, new face…bam!

I made this new video for you here to give you a 15 minute shortcut on something that took me 15 years to figure out! Maybe I was a slow learner on this one…but I’m going to short cut it for you!

Post a comment below and tell me your take-away! I promise I will respond!!

p.s. Love & Passion Coach is becoming RelationshipDevelopment.Org!!! Watch for our exciting reveal and yummy give-aways starting next week!!!! Yipppeee!!!!

p.p.s. Paul and I are in the studio this week, recording a BRAND NEW Quick Start Program to be released on November 10th! Our Relationship Quick Start program has been used by hundreds and hundreds of people around the world to transform their
relationship in just 8 weeks!

To celebrate becoming RelationshipDevelopment.Org, Paul and I went into the studio and we are creating a BRAND NEW Quick Start Program full of new tools and strategies that we didn’t teach in the original! Plus….Paul is teaching every class with me, so you get the masculine and feminine perspective! Watch for the exciting details and the big release on November 10th!!



6 thoughts on “(video) same sh#t, new face…bam!

  1. Sooooo sorry to be missing the retreat this year, Stacey, and to miss the chance to be around you and Paul!! But, I’m excited that Erin, who came with me last year, is attending again….this time with her husband!!! Can’t wait to hear about their experience:)

    1. Theresa we are SO going to miss you this year!! So much of the event is completely new for this year…new content, a new structure and since we are delivering the event together…a whole new experience! We will certainly miss you! And hope you join us next year! Can’t wait to see Erin again and meet her hubby!! Sending love!

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