(video) the nasty downside of “authenticity”

I made this new 5 minute video for you here teaching something that you can use in your love relationship and all relationships!

Everyone is talking about “authenticity” these days…it’s a bit over-used and becoming a “sound-bite” more than a way of life.

But before that “authenticity” bites YOU in the ass, watch this video where I share a strategy that we teach our students about the nasty and surprising downside of authenticity…and how to steer clear of it!

Post a comment below the video and let me know what you get from this strategy!

Sending love,


p.s. the truth is that no one ever taught us the tools and strategies for how to master our state in every situation, how to master the differences between men and women to bring out the best in our partner and everyone we interact with, how to have masterful influence in any given situation and how to create incredible relationships with everyone in our lives….our partner, our kids, our family, our clients, our teams, our partners, our boss, our friends…the list goes on.

Life & Business is nothing more than YOU and your relationships!

If you don’t have mastery of yourself, you are wasting your time trying to master your trade, your business or anything else…because it’s YOU and the relationships and influence you have in your business that creates the results.

The same is true in your love relationship….even more so!

Sounds like something worth investing in…don’t you think?

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12 thoughts on “(video) the nasty downside of “authenticity”

  1. Oh yes I can totally relate to this…Now all I have to do is learn to communicate my heart in words that are true and correct. "I am not going to change" when I mean "My heart is not going to change"

  2. I have a question. I totally get how one person can transform a relationship. My ex broke up with me. I still love him deeply and I am very clear about how I feel. He wants me as a best friend. I have told him I want him as a romantic partner, lover, best friend and a yummy relationship with him. I get why he broke up with me because of what you just spoke about. I have a coach who has been working with me and major shifts have happened. I love myself so much now. Even when things that would have totally triggered me before are said. I just am with them and stand in love. I love my higher self so much. I am sure we are usual in how logistics are. We have a connection we always have even when I didnt understand it. Now since working on me and loving myself so much I feel love for everyone. My love for my ex has only become deeper. I live in the same house with him right. I said usual. He wants to do things with me. He is dating.. I cant say it makes me happy. I am just being with it. I do get sad when he has dates but I dont go into the victim mode. I have tools I use now. My question is since I am shifting so much. I do see him shifting around me yesterday like we were talking about everything different topics. Then said you want to go to the movies out of the blue. I was taken off guard .. and today totally different conversations and we are going hiking on sat. I am standing in love and he knows how I feel about him. What do you think? I am creating and standing in possibility that we will be a couple again and have this amazing yummy delicious relationship.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story here Connie! I’m so thrilled for you that you are experiencing him shifting as a result of the changes you are making!! If we can help support you, answer questions for you or guide you in any way, please reach out to us at [email protected]! It sounds like it may just be the perfect time for some support in your life sweetness!! xoxo Stacey

  3. Thank you for that Stacey, it clears up and makes the distinction that I have been trying to understand. The authenticity that my partner is so intent on displaying has come across to me as being downright immature, irresponsible and incredibly selfish. Left me feeling 'this is you being authentic?? That's not the authentic you that I have knoen and loved for the past 27 years!! I know that I have a better judge of character than THAT!!!

    With your help just now, Stacey, I can see that he has just jumped overboard and if I strive to the authenticity you describe so well in this video, at some point he will swim ashore and we can party on the beach!!!! It just gets better everyday….. Love and thanks…

  4. OOOhh thank you – hard to hear, but great to understand my behaviour! they are my words or they were my words! Its the classic pendulum going from one extreme to another. X

  5. This means so much to – not so much in my intimate partner relationship but with certain colleagues. I think that I have done this to them and they have done this to me. I am going to be the change and see what happens! Thank you again, I find your candour and energy, inspiring x

  6. Awesome Nicola!!!! What a fantastic distinction for you darling!!! YES, that's why I say, in your "love" relationship…and ALL relationships! I'm so thrilled for you that you will BE THE CHANGE! I can't wait to hear about your results! Keep me posted!!! Thanks for sharing here! I hope we get to meet and connect more soon! x0x0

  7. Beautiful Debbie!!!! So well said! I love the understanding you have for this! And Paul and I are taking a DEEP dive on this at the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat sweetie….perfect for you that you are doing what it takes to be with us darling!!!! So excited to give you a big hug next week!!!! MUAH!

  8. Oooohh you are welcome Ali! It's perfectly natural sweetie……not your fault! So thrilled to give you this distinction! I can't wait to see how much more impact you create empowered by this!!!! You got this sweetie! Sending love!

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