(video) The trash talk has gotta stop!

Oh I’m going there today! In today’s video I’m sharing one of the strategies that we teach our students to empower you to create your unshakable love…where nothing and nobody can come between you!

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I hope you will take me up on my challenge!

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11 thoughts on “(video) The trash talk has gotta stop!

  1. Dear Stacey, You are SUCH AN INSPIRATION! I love these short lessons follwing up on the basic introduction. I love the way you tell it like it is. And, as you say, putting them into practice actually impacts one's whole life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love, Allison

  2. EXACTLY:I feel my husband and daughters arguing makes or talking badly about each other to me makes me feel I am in the middle of their yuk..I tell them each the positive aspects of the other, hug them, And explain how much the other person loves them wirh examples of course.
    Much Appreciated.

  3. I love your videos. You are so very inspiring (and so is Paul just so he knows he is important too)…I never talk negatively about my guy and that is such a wonderful thing. I can't find a negative even though I sometimes feel like life and work get in the way. I just am happier to be with him the next time.

  4. YES!! I couldn’t agree more! I try to always be aware of this and promised myself years ago that I wouldn’t partake in this trash talk. It’s very sad, but I hear it ALL THE TIME from friends. Thank you for the reminder of how important this is to remember!

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